Cinderella Nails

I saw the new Cinderella movie a couple of weeks ago when it came out in theatres, and I fell in love with it. The romance, the costumes, the magic… Although it’s a depart from my usual writing, I feel like I could put up a review of it, so enamoured was I with the film.

Ever since watching it, a color that I call “Cinderella blue” keeps popping up in my life. I finally found a beautiful dusky shade of blue that is almost perfect, and so I decided to use it for a Cinderella-inspired manicure.

I started with a basecoat. I’m currently using my new Essie Grow Stronger Base Coat. Then, I applied one coat of Revlon Dreamer. This was my first time using it and I wasn’t very careful, so the results were a little bubbly and not quite opaque. However, this didn’t matter because these mistakes were all covered up with the next step.


I finished with one coat of Revlon Diamond Texture. I tried to make this coat as thin as possible so that the blue base would show through, but this was hard to achieve because the glitter is so dense. Ideally, I would have used a sparser glitter; however, I also loved the edge that this textured polish lent my manicure!


I am just so in love with this manicure. In certain lights especially you can see the blue shining through.


My nails actually make me feel like Cinderella! Her dress in the movie is so stunning, and I feel like I managed to capture a little bit of that magic into my own daily life.

Link your own movie- or Disney-inspired manicure in the comments, or share an idea for a manicure with me!

First Nail Art!

Inspired by #NAFW2015, which is the first Nail Art Fashion Week (started by the So Nailicious blog), I decided to play around with nail art today! A lot of what I’ve been seeing on Instagram has me feeling like I could try my hand at it, so today I finally did.

Because I wanted to experiment, I painted each of my nails a different style.


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My Nail Odyssey: Update #2

It’s been quite a while since I posted an update to what I’ve been dubbing my “Nail Odyssey,” and I’ve made so much progress. The last one I did was 16 days in, and it is now Day 65. I actually had to count out the days, because it’s gotten to the point where I’m not going day by day anymore. Here are my thoughts from the last 6 weeks! Ending with a comparison photo of where I was then… to where I am now.

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My Nail Odyssey: Manicure with Zoya Harley

This is the very first manicure I’ve done that I’ve been proud of. I’m proud of it mostly because it’s the neatest manicure I’ve ever done. This is due in part to my longer nails — it’s incredibly hard to keep the paint on your nails when they’re barely there. But also I think my painting skills have improved a bit, especially since I managed to keep my right hand as neat as my left! (I’m right-handed).


I used Zoya Harley, which is a lovely light grey with slight shimmer. When it arrived in the mail and I first swatched it, I thought I didn’t like it. But when I saw it on all of my nails it just looks so sophisticated that I couldn’t help but fall in love with it!

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