Zoya Haul, Part 2: The Mystery Trio

As I stated in yesterday’s post, in January Zoya held a “New Year, New Hue” sale in which they offered 3 full-size polishes and a mini trio of three exclusive mystery colors for just the $15 shipping cost. These mystery colors were never-before-released, and exclusive to this sale. Despite it being a bit of a gamble, since for all I knew the polishes could have been lime green and orange, I thought it was pretty exciting to be receiving three special polish minis.


The Mystery Trio

I was super excited to see what the three exclusive polish colors were. The first one I pulled out was a yellow-tinged cream, which I was definitely disappointed about since I don’t think it’ll look good on my skintone. Next up, a charcoal black with a silver shimmer throughout. I’m quite excited about this one! It looks gorgeous in the bottle. The third polish was a pale gold shine. This one makes me glad that I didn’t order any of the gold polishes that I was considering in my main order!


I really like two out of the three mystery colors. I appreciate that they tried to stick with classic colors that would suit as many people as possible. However, if they were trying to be appropriate for many, I wish they would have gone with a pale neutral that wasn’t yellow-toned. Frankly I was hoping for a pink or purple sparkly color to be included, or anything more non-neutral, really (mint green, anyone?). But I am definitely glad yellows and oranges weren’t part of the mix, so I guess I can’t really complain. Two out of three really isn’t bad! And I’m sure I’ll find some use for the yellow cream shade.

What do you think of the trio of mystery colors?

3 thoughts on “Zoya Haul, Part 2: The Mystery Trio

    • Charlotte is a lovely khaki; just a little too yellow for my skintone, unfortunately. The formula is great, though! Anais leans a little olive on the nail, but is still pretty. Severine is my favorite color of the three. Let me know your thoughts once you’ve tried them!

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