Revlon Polish Haul ~ Spring in a Bottle

The other day I was at Rite Aid to buy all of their cheap leftover Easter candy, and I couldn’t help but wander down the makeup aisle looking for… I wasn’t quite sure what. Then, my eyes lit on the bright yellow sale tag marking the Revlon nail polish display, and my day was made: 2 polishes for $4.00.

I bought my first Revlon polishes a few months ago, and I still really like both of them. Not only are the colors and formula nice, the bottles themselves just look so classy! I was excited to make a couple of new additions to my collection, especially since there were some colors in the display that I’d been thinking about all week. I ended up buying 6 regular polishes and two polishes from their Parfumerie line.

IMG_20150425_154733087_HDR IMG_20150425_154607753_HDR

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Cinderella Nails

I saw the new Cinderella movie a couple of weeks ago when it came out in theatres, and I fell in love with it. The romance, the costumes, the magic… Although it’s a depart from my usual writing, I feel like I could put up a review of it, so enamoured was I with the film.

Ever since watching it, a color that I call “Cinderella blue” keeps popping up in my life. I finally found a beautiful dusky shade of blue that is almost perfect, and so I decided to use it for a Cinderella-inspired manicure.

I started with a basecoat. I’m currently using my new Essie Grow Stronger Base Coat. Then, I applied one coat of Revlon Dreamer. This was my first time using it and I wasn’t very careful, so the results were a little bubbly and not quite opaque. However, this didn’t matter because these mistakes were all covered up with the next step.


I finished with one coat of Revlon Diamond Texture. I tried to make this coat as thin as possible so that the blue base would show through, but this was hard to achieve because the glitter is so dense. Ideally, I would have used a sparser glitter; however, I also loved the edge that this textured polish lent my manicure!


I am just so in love with this manicure. In certain lights especially you can see the blue shining through.


My nails actually make me feel like Cinderella! Her dress in the movie is so stunning, and I feel like I managed to capture a little bit of that magic into my own daily life.

Link your own movie- or Disney-inspired manicure in the comments, or share an idea for a manicure with me!

Stories from the Week: Five Little Things

This week, I have five stories from my everyday life for you.

  • Last weekend I watched The Theory of Everything. I thought it was really good! I was really impressed by the acting and the cinematography. However, another wonderful aspect was Jane’s costumes. My favorite was Jane’s dress in the opening party scene (the four images at far right), but I also loved her everyday outfits, especially her turtleneck sweater/skirt combinations.

wpid-wp-1423440799234.jpeg wpid-wp-1423440802820.jpeg

  • On Tuesday I picked up my beloved Kat Von D Tattoo Liner (beloved because of its uniqueness in my collection and its cost, not because of how often I actually use it) and tried to use it. Nothing came out. I admit to freaking out a little bit — how did something I opened so rarely dry out? Was this an acceptable reason to return it to Sephora? Did eyeliners have a “dry-out” expiration date that I somehow missed? Then I realized I’d been storing it with the tip up, and after letting it sit for a bit with the tip facing down, it was as good as new.


  • This week I performed the monologue that I had selected last week. I was surprised by how much fun I had while performing it! It felt powerful, somehow. And my acting teacher complimented me on it, which also felt really good.
  • On my nails this week, I’ve been keeping it plain. After last week’s glitterbombs, I decided to tone it down this week by going nude. I used a coat of Sally Hansen Maximum Growth, then 1-2 coats of Revlon Sheer Pink, and completed it with a Sally Hansen quick-dry topcoat. Because I do love glitter, I kept Zoya Trixie topped with Wet n Wild Hallucinate from my previous manicure as an accent nail (which is why it’s starting to look a little ragged). I love how natural and well-kept this Revlon polish makes my nails look.


  • I attended a local fashion show last night, and it was a lot of fun! The friends I was going with, however, didn’t tell me they were dressing up, so I only dressed up a little bit. I wish they had told me, because I get so few opportunities to wear a bold lip, and smoky eye makeup, and heels.

Do you have any stories from this past week?