Black Friday Haul!

I went shopping with my younger cousins this Black Friday, and ended up buying things from almost every store we visited: Anthropologie, Sephora, J. Crew, Yankee Candle, and Francesca’s. I didn’t find everything I wanted, but I am happy with everything I bought! And I’m excited to share these items with you.


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This year, I am Thankful for…

Every Thanksgiving, I make a list of things I am grateful for. Some years, the list is a hundred items long (when it’s that long, it usually includes things like “how pretty the moonlight looks when it reflects off snow”). This year, my list is more focused on the basics; the things that I am really, deeply grateful for.

1. My loving, supportive family. My family, especially my parents, have been with me every step of the way. I think they raised me in the best way possible, introduced me to so many cultural things and new perspectives, and allowed me to have some amazing experiences. Most importantly, they are supportive of me through any decisions I have to make, and I know every instant just how much they love me.

2. My loving, supportive boyfriend. My boyfriend has been with me through thick and thin, supportive of me during both tough times and easy ones, and I can always tell how much he loves me.

3. My wonderful friends. Sometimes I wish that my friends had more free time or reached out to me more. Sometimes I complain about not seeing them enough. But they’re my friends for a reason, and I love them with all of my heart. They’re there when I need them most, and that’s what counts.

4. My education. I love learning, I love classes, and I love all the schools I’ve gone to. I am so grateful that I’ve gotten the opportunity to continue my education studying what I want to study, and more.

5. Financial stability. This is what has made possible my education, the way I was raised, and the way I currently live my life. I have a part time job, and so beyond tuition and housing I am able to be self-sufficient in my day-to-day life.

6. My health and the health of my family and close friends. I have had extremely good health so far in my life, and I have not been touched closely by death. I consider these to be among the greatest gifts it is possible to receive.

7. Kindness. Kindness extended from one person to another, as simple as that.

Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!

#LOTD: Fresh-Faced Weekend

Welcome to the first #LOTD, or Look Of The Day post! I don’t imagine that I will be doing these too frequently, maybe just once a week, because the vast majority of the time I wear very similar makeup and I feel like that would be really repetitive!

Today’s look is very fresh-faced and natural. To me, it’s perfect for a lazy Sunday when all I want to do is go to a long brunch with a friend, do some grocery shopping, and then sit on the porch talking or reading in the sunshine (yes, that is what I did today).


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My Everyday Makeup Routine

Most days, I’m too rushed in the morning to do anything special with my makeup. I’m so focused on getting out the door and to class on time that I don’t have the presence of mind to deviate from the routine I’ve fallen into. I didn’t really devote any time to developing this in a scientific manner; it just sort of fell into place around the products I’ve been using the most in the past few months. Without further ado, here is that very simple routine (ignore the huge number of products in this photo; all will be explained!).


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My Morning Skincare Routine

My morning routine has been pretty simple for my entire life. As a kid, it involved rubbing a wet washcloth over my face. In middle school, my mom gave me my first face wash. After starting college, I started paying more attention to my skin and took care to actually wash my face every morning. Now, I’m here, caring more about what products I use and what steps I take.

Recently it’s been going through a lot of changes, but I’d love to share my current morning routine with you all. In contrast to my thorough (ish) nighttime routine, which I just talked about here, my mornings are usually a rush. Sleep is a commodity in college, and I tend to try and make up for going to bed later than I would like by sleeping in for as long as possible. Therefore, my morning skincare routine gets reduced to just three steps: Cleanse, Treat, and Moisturize.


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November Birchbox Sneak Peek

My Birchbox is very late this month, and I’m impatient! Therefore, I thought I’d share with you all the products I’ll be receiving when it finally arrives. All photos are from the Birchbox website.

November – “Giving”

Birchbox (RED)
I’m especially excited about the partnership this month with (RED). Part of the reason I’m so impatient for my box to get here is that Birchbox is donating $1 for every photo of the box shared on Instagram, and I want to participate before the end of the month hits!

Royal Apothic | Cuppa Cuppa Firming Tea Treatment Mask

This is the sample I selected for my sample choice, and I’m so excited about it! I’m expecting the sample size to be small, and it’s too expensive for me to purchase a full size, but I hope that I’ll enjoy it while it lasts!

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My Evening Skincare Routine

With my college student life, I try to keep things simple. I don’t have the money for 20 products, or the time, or even the sink space. To go along with my hectic, ever-changing life, I have multiple different evening routines that I use in different scenarios. To simplify things, I’ll describe a 1-minute routine and a longer mix-and-match routine.


The “I’m exhausted and just want to sleep” routine:

  1. Wash my face.
  2. Moisturize (usually).

Most of the time, though, I’m not drop-dead tired. So, when I have more time, this is my routine. I don’t do every step every night, but this is the maximum number of steps that I do.

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