Zoya Mystery Trio Reveal!

Earlier today I showed you the “exclusive mystery trio” that Zoya shipped out as part of their “New Year, New Hue” promotion.


After a bit of research, I discovered that this trio was actually custom-created for Peter Som’s Autumn/Winter 2014 runway collection during New York Fashion Week. This collection is what inspired the color combination.


Charlotte – described only as a “warm nude”, this creme is sort of a pale camel shade.

Anais – although described as a warm black metallic with a vein of Severine running through it, this black looks more like it contains a sheen of silvery pewter. However, this sheen is not very obvious when swatched, and it’s a much more ethereal than “in-your-face” pewter.

Severine – described as a warm pewter metallic, to me this comes across as more gold. This is an absolutely gorgeous pale metallic.

For the Peter Som AW14 runway, these three shades were used in a colorblock manicure, seen below.

References: Zoya Nail Polish Blog, Zoya.com

Is releasing custom shades typical for Zoya? Are you excited that these shades were released?

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