Revlon Polish Haul ~ Spring in a Bottle

The other day I was at Rite Aid to buy all of their cheap leftover Easter candy, and I couldn’t help but wander down the makeup aisle looking for… I wasn’t quite sure what. Then, my eyes lit on the bright yellow sale tag marking the Revlon nail polish display, and my day was made: 2 polishes for $4.00.

I bought my first Revlon polishes a few months ago, and I still really like both of them. Not only are the colors and formula nice, the bottles themselves just look so classy! I was excited to make a couple of new additions to my collection, especially since there were some colors in the display that I’d been thinking about all week. I ended up buying 6 regular polishes and two polishes from their Parfumerie line.

IMG_20150425_154733087_HDR IMG_20150425_154607753_HDR

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Zoya Mystery Trio Reveal!

Earlier today I showed you the “exclusive mystery trio” that Zoya shipped out as part of their “New Year, New Hue” promotion.


After a bit of research, I discovered that this trio was actually custom-created for Peter Som’s Autumn/Winter 2014 runway collection during New York Fashion Week. This collection is what inspired the color combination.


Charlotte – described only as a “warm nude”, this creme is sort of a pale camel shade.

Anais – although described as a warm black metallic with a vein of Severine running through it, this black looks more like it contains a sheen of silvery pewter. However, this sheen is not very obvious when swatched, and it’s a much more ethereal than “in-your-face” pewter.

Severine – described as a warm pewter metallic, to me this comes across as more gold. This is an absolutely gorgeous pale metallic.

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Zoya Haul, Part 2: The Mystery Trio

As I stated in yesterday’s post, in January Zoya held a “New Year, New Hue” sale in which they offered 3 full-size polishes and a mini trio of three exclusive mystery colors for just the $15 shipping cost. These mystery colors were never-before-released, and exclusive to this sale. Despite it being a bit of a gamble, since for all I knew the polishes could have been lime green and orange, I thought it was pretty exciting to be receiving three special polish minis.


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Zoya Haul, Part 1: Six Polishes

Earlier in January, Zoya held a “New Year, New Hue” sale in which they offered 3 full-size polishes and a mini trio of three exclusive mystery colors for just the $15 shipping cost. However, if you ordered $25 worth of other products, then shipping was free, too. I took advantage of this and was able to get 6 Zoya polishes, the mini mystery trio, and a 2 oz. bottle of their nail polish remover for just $33.


Since I have a pretty small nail polish collection, I had a lot of trouble deciding on which shades to get. Ever since getting my first manicure a few weeks ago, I’ve been thinking a lot about my nails. As you can read about here, I’ve been on a quest to stop biting my nails, and I think that the primary key is finding polish that is so interesting that I can’t bear to ruin it, and the secondary key is a textured polish that helps me be more aware of where my fingers are.

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My Nail Odyssey: First Manicure

Before I show you my nails, a quick request: Read this post first.
All caught up? Good. Now, a few weeks back (Sunday, January 18th to be precise) a friend talked me into getting a manicure with her. At first I was reluctant. I’ve never had a manicure before, and I was nervous about it because I didn’t know what to expect. Also, since my nails are so short, I wasn’t sure if a manicurist would even be able to do anything with them. Finally I caved in since I figured that a manicure would be a good way to start off my “no-biting” mission on the right foot.

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