October e.l.f. Haul and Swatches

First of all, I know it seems like I’ve been doing a LOT of hauls lately. That’s because… well… I have. But don’t worry, soon I will start reviewing all of the lovely (and not so lovely) products I’ve been buying! Secondly, you should be forewarned that this post is extremely picture-heavy. Now, on with the beauty!

After buying a huge amount of e.l.f. products in August, I’ve been accumulating a wishlist of more products things I’d like to try. Over Columbus Day weekend, e.l.f. had a free shipping offer on all orders greater than $14.92. This is so much lower than any of their normal free shipping offers, and so I jumped on it!


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The Body Shop Seaweed Skincare Line Review

I bought this kit over the summer because it looked promising (and was on sale), and after 3 months of using it I think I can finally give an opinion.


The Seaweed skincare line has lots of products, and this tester kit contains 4 of them: the Deep Cleansing Facial Wash, the Clarifying Toner, the Mattifying Day Cream, and the Clarifying Night Treatment. The mini products come in a blue mesh bag.

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NYX Love In Paris Swatches

I’ve been seeing these in drugstores all over, and have been really tempted to get them. However, most of my temptation stems from the name of the palette itself — I can never refuse Paris. In fact, I even just bought a deodorant simply because it was called “Paris” and had some pretty artwork on it. I’ve also been torn about which one, if any, I should get because I really don’t need all 12 palettes, so I’ve been reading all the blog reviews I can find to see if they’re worthwhile.


Today for the first time I ran across a display with 6 of the palettes open to swatch. Finally! Here are my grocery store swatches with some brief opinions on each of those palettes.

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Coastal Scents Haul

Ever since I received a quad sample of the Revealed 2 palette in my July Birchbox, I’ve wanted the full thing. However, I knew that Coastal Scents does frequent sales, and so I pledged to wait until the palette was 50% off. That happened this past week, and now the Revealed 2 palette is at my doorstep. It’s not alone, though; I figured since I was paying for shipping anyway, why not try a few more products?


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