September Birchbox Sample Choice Comparison

I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since sample choice started!!! The time has passed so quickly. I’m especially excited because I finally qualify as an Ace!

For those of you not familiar with sample choice, it’s a program that began last August where Birchbox subscribers have the option to select a sample to be included in next month’s box. Each month 3-4 samples are revealed and the sample you pick will replace one of your traditional 5 samples. This month, Birchbox subscribers have the chance to choose from 4 samples, or select a box curated by a guest editor. This is a comparison of those options based on research I’ve done using other blogs and my own calculations. This month I’ve taken all of my images as screenshots from the official Birchbox video.

First, the sample options. This month’s theme is “Better Together” and was inspired by Birchbox subscribers.

wpid-wp-1439854274308.png wpid-wp-1439854279504.png

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