Zoya Haul, Part 1: Six Polishes

Earlier in January, Zoya held a “New Year, New Hue” sale in which they offered 3 full-size polishes and a mini trio of three exclusive mystery colors for just the $15 shipping cost. However, if you ordered $25 worth of other products, then shipping was free, too. I took advantage of this and was able to get 6 Zoya polishes, the mini mystery trio, and a 2 oz. bottle of their nail polish remover for just $33.


Since I have a pretty small nail polish collection, I had a lot of trouble deciding on which shades to get. Ever since getting my first manicure a few weeks ago, I’ve been thinking a lot about my nails. As you can read about here, I’ve been on a quest to stop biting my nails, and I think that the primary key is finding polish that is so interesting that I can’t bear to ruin it, and the secondary key is a textured polish that helps me be more aware of where my fingers are.

The Shipping & Packaging

I placed this order on January 14th, it shipped on January 26th, and it arrived on January 29th. While the wait time for my order to ship was long, because it was a promotion Zoya had stated to expect up to 5 weeks for orders to ship. With that in mind, the wait wasn’t actually very long! It just felt that way because I was so excited to see my new polishes.


The shipping box was small, about 8 x 7 x 5.5 inches. The interior was filled with packing peanuts to protect the contents. I had three items inside: a box with my 6 chosen polishes, a box with the mystery trio, and my Zoya Remove Plus, which was loose. I thought the packaging was pretty clever — I really liked how they put all of my full-size polishes in a box together, instead of wasting space and material by giving each their own box.


The Colors

The two types of polish I specifically wanted to buy were 1. polishes with lots of depth and a little bit of texture, like OPI’s Shine for Me; 2. classic cremes, in colors that would be suitable professionally. I ended up buying 5 “depth” polishes and just 1 “classic” polish, but I’m extremely happy with the colors I chose.

Zoya Nail Polish ZP389  Trixie  Silver Nail Polish Metallic Nail PolishZoya Nail Polish ZP506  Veruschuka  Green Nail Polish Metallic Nail Polish

Trixie – a shimmering light silver foil

This is the first polish I decided on. Since OPI’s Shine For Me (the polish I chose for my first manicure) has a silver foil as its base and I love the depth of it, I was hoping this would have the same depth.

Veruschka – a deep evergreen

I also knew I wanted something from the Matte Velvet Collection, since the texture looks so intriguing. This shade of green is my favorite shade of green, so of course I picked Veruschka.

Zoya Nail Polish ZP297  Glimmer  French Nail Polish Metallic Nail PolishZoya Nail Polish ZP660 Zoya PixieDust Nail Polish Nyx  Blue Nail Polish PixieDust Nail Polish

Glimmer – a sheer pale pink polish filled with gold glitter

Another polish I knew I wanted was a sheer nude that had a sparkly aspect to it. Glimmer fits the bill perfectly. What’s nice about Glimmer is that it can be layered on its own, or it can be used as a topcoat to render other polishes glittery.

Nyx Pixiedust – a periwinkle with textured silver sparkle

Along the same train of thought as Trixie and Veruschka, this is a polish with both depth and texture. Initially I had my heart set on either Godiva (nude gold) or London (fog grey) from the same Pixiedust Collection, but then since I couldn’t decide between the two and I hadn’t ordered any other blue polish I decided to go for this color instead.

Zoya Nail Polish ZP468  Harley  Gray Nail Polish Metallic Nail Polish

Aubrey – a medium mauve creme

I wanted a neutral color, but it was so difficult to tell which precise shade of nude from the dozens Zoya has would suit my skintone. Therefore, I decided to go with a mauve because I thought it was certain to look good on me, while still managing to squeeze into the “neutral” category.

Harley – a cement grey with silver shimmer

The final shade was the hardest to choose by far. There were so many colors I still wanted: a gray Pixiedust polish, navy blue creme, plain dove gray, hunter green, lilac creme… I finally settled on Harley because it used the gray color that I’d been eyeing as a base and added a special something (i.e. shimmer).

Here are some initial swatches of the colors, with a sneak peek at the Mystery Trio I’ll be posting about tomorrow!

wpid-wp-1422831813567.jpeg wpid-wp-1422831819466.jpeg wpid-wp-1422831800553.jpeg

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my purchase. Zoya polishes are normally $9-$10 for full-size and $5 for minis, and so I got $70 worth of polish for $28. Despite never having heard of Zoya before this sale, I’ve now got a Zoya wishlist a mile long, and I’m already looking forward to using their next promotion (probably occurring in June) to stock up on some more of their polishes!

Next Up: The Mystery Trio in more depth!

4 thoughts on “Zoya Haul, Part 1: Six Polishes

  1. Ooh those are some beautiful colours! I am someone who has way too many polishes and I still wish I had known about this sale. I would have jumped on that one in a second, even though I haven’t ever used Zoya polishes. I really love Aubrey, it’s probably my favourite of the bunch!

    • I’m really liking the Zoya polishes so far! Since it’s winter, I’ve put a different one on each toe to test them all out. Aubrey and Harley are actually my least favorite so far — I’m personally in love with Trixie and Veruschka. And I’m sure Zoya will have another sale during the summer!

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