A Simple Spa Day

For me, a spa day is all-inclusive. It’s about taking care of myself fully — my hair, my skin, my mind. Sometimes, though, I don’t have time to touch every aspect of my being but need the touch of relaxation a spa day brings. Those are the days when I reach for this routine.


Everything starts with a shower. I have really long, curly hair, and so it definitely needs attention. The shampoo and conditioner are my staples, but taking the time to apply the Yves Rocher Nutri-Repair Mask is what sets these days apart.


This Essential Oils Ribbons body wash from Olay is my ideal winter into spring body wash. It’s incredibly moisturizing, which is necessary for winter. It’s wonderfully cleansing, which is necessary for a body wash. It smells like orchids, which isn’t quite necessary… but which makes it perfect and turns my shower into an oasis.


My feet always need extra attention, especially the heels, but I don’t usually give them it because I don’t have time. This means that I reach for The Body Shop Peppermint Smoothing Pumice Foot Scrub because it’s the only product I’ve found so far that can remove a three-week buildup of callouses.

And while the moisture inherent in the Olay Essential Oils Ribbons body wash means I don’t need to use lotion afterwards, my feet definitely need the extra help. Usually I’ll just use whatever body lotion I happen to have on hand, but on spa days I take the extra time to massage the thicker Body Shop Shea Body Butter into my soles.


I slip on my warm, cozy, fuzzy socks to help the body butter soak in better. Then I move on to my face.


I like the Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Mask because 1. it smells like roses, and 2. it can be used as an overnight mask. Since I had work to do, though, I left it on for a few hours while I finished some schoolwork, then before I went to bed replaced it with this Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream and my Nutriganics Eye Cream, both from The Body Shop.

What routine do you use when you need to relax and care for yourself but don’t have lots of time?

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