My Nail Odyssey: Update #2

It’s been quite a while since I posted an update to what I’ve been dubbing my “Nail Odyssey,” and I’ve made so much progress. The last one I did was 16 days in, and it is now Day 65. I actually had to count out the days, because it’s gotten to the point where I’m not going day by day anymore. Here are my thoughts from the last 6 weeks! Ending with a comparison photo of where I was then… to where I am now.

Day Seventeen: Urgh, I am seriously toeing the line today. I didn’t do a great job with my nail polish last night, and so today I’ve been continually gnawing it off my nails. This has resulted in me almost biting at the edges of my nails… so much temptation.

Day Nineteen: I keep looking at my thumbnails and appreciating how pretty this color combination is. I’m even thinking of adding another coat of Kaleidoscope onto all of my nails to make them sparklier.


Day Twenty-Four: My order of Zoya polishes arrived, and I’ve started getting really excited about all of the different things I can do with my nails.


Day Thirty: I’ve been toying with my nail edges nonstop. My polish keeps peeling off and I keep having to repaint it. This is hard.

Day Thirty-Nine: My nails are so beautiful 🙂 They’re long, and they feel fairly strong.


Day Forty: Today I failed — there were rough edges on my right thumb and index finger, and I nibbled at both of them, which just made it worse. The edges of my nails aren’t perfect anymore.

Day Forty-One: I ruined the edge of my left pinky today. It was an accident! I was just running my teeth over it, like usual, and they just have caught on a loose nail fiber or something.

Day Forty-Five: The center tip of my left index finger cracked today 😦 and then I actually bit it. Properly bit it – my first finger since first starting this process back in early January. The edge is pretty messed up — time to start anew…

Day Fifty-Three: I painted my nails using Zoya Harley on Sunday night. Its been 3 days, and they’re still perfect. Also, I originally regretted getting this color, but now that’s its on all of my nails I really love it. It’s amazing how seeing a polish on your hands can change your opinion of it.


Nevermind; that was written at 11 am and tonight I gnawed the polish off 5 of my fingers while doing homework. I’m not sure when this gnawing phase started, but it was somewhere around Day Forty-Five. Ever since then I’ve been using my teeth to strip the polish from my nails, although my nails themselves haven’t gotten damaged at all.

Day Fifty-Nine: I had gnawed off more of the clear polish, so I finally removed all vestiges of polish on Saturday night. I left my nails completely naked through Sunday for the first time since starting this Nail Odyssey in January — I was worried that their nakedness would be a temptation to bite, but it wasn’t! Then, Sunday night I painted on one coat of Sally Hansen Maximum Growth. It’s Tuesday morning now, and that polish is still perfectly in place.

Here’s a comparison from where I was when I started this whole thing to where I am now:

IMG_20150109_181949369_HDR IMG_20150109_182012366_HDR


IMG_20150307_213111806_HDR IMG_20150307_213125819_HDR

I am so amazed at my progress. I can barely imagine biting my nails now, and I can’t even remember what it felt like to do so. I still have my share of new bad nail habits to work on, and they’re nowhere near perfect yet, but I am in love with the improvement to my nails.

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