First Nail Art!

Inspired by #NAFW2015, which is the first Nail Art Fashion Week (started by the So Nailicious blog), I decided to play around with nail art today! A lot of what I’ve been seeing on Instagram has me feeling like I could try my hand at it, so today I finally did.

Because I wanted to experiment, I painted each of my nails a different style.



Here’s all of the nail polish I used on just that one hand!

IMG_20150314_144143544 IMG_20150314_152139194_HDR

On my thumb, I started with a base of NYC Nolita’s Lavender. I then attempted my first freehand polka dots with Julep Libby. Since I was using the brush that came with Libby, the dots were pretty blobby. However, I actually sort of like the way it turned out — it reminds me of Dalmatian spots! I then topped it with NYC Matte Me Crazy to make the finish matte.


My index finger started out as two coats of Zoya Anais and was topped with Wet n Wild The Gold & the Beautiful. I used NYC Matte me Crazy as the topcoat because I was curious about what the glitter would look like matte.


As it turns out I didn’t really like the result, so I removed that nail and replaced it with a pattern inspired by this image. I used Wet n Wild Wild Card as my base, with layers of Zoya Aubrey and then Zoya Severine. Also topped with NYC Matte me Crazy.


My middle finger was the one I was most excited by. It’s one coat of Zoya Harley (I should have used two…when will I learn?) with a freehand swipe of Zoya Trixie in a diagonal across the nail. I am in love with this color combination. The gray and silver just look so nice together! I also used the NYC Matte me Crazy topcoat, but I don’t think it made a difference to these polishes since Trixie is a foil.


I used e.l.f. Nude on my ring finger, topped with Wet n Wild Hallucinate. I did a gradient with Hallucinate, trying to concentrate more glitter towards the tip of my nail. Topped with — you guessed it — NYC Matte me Crazy. I like the way the matte topcoat makes the glitter look like it’s part of the nude polish instead of just layered on top.

My pinky finger is definitely the most adorable. I started off with a single coat of Ruffian Ruffian Red, but it was much too bright for me. I toned it down using Zoya Glimmer and a coat of NYC Matte me Crazy. Then, I decided that it didn’t really compare to the art on the rest of my fingers. I also really wanted to use Zoya Veruschka in something! Somewhat inspired by this design, I painted tiny petals onto my pinky.  I decided not to care that the color combination didn’t make any sense….until suddenly I realized it looked exactly like a strawberry! The only good thing about the shape of my nails is that it is also shaped exactly like a strawberry! I really like the contrast between the matte “strawberry” and the velvet matte finish “leaves” — it makes it look like the leaves are somewhat 3D!


Which nail is your favorite? i.e. Which should I work on improving for my next manicure?

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