January Recap

I can’t believe it’s already February — where did January go??? Inspired by Rossy from AyrGalaxy, I’m doing a recap of the past month. So onto this month in review…

Blog Milestones:

  • This month I reached 107 followers! You all are amazing, and I love reading your comments on my posts (& welcome to all my new followers — hi! My name is Abigail :).
  • I also surpassed my previous “most-views-per-day” record on January 28th with all the people who stopped by to get advice on the February Birchbox sample choice.

Posts from this Month:

Plus, coming up soon are my January Favorites post and review of my December Birchbox.


Well, these didn’t go so well. I did eat more vegetables, but I was awful at eating meals at consistent times — school will do that to you! I also barely exercised at all, didn’t keep in contact with any of my long-distance friends, and didn’t spend a day immersing myself in French. Instead, I sat in bed and read a lot. Like, a huge amount: 9 books, totaling 2900 pages. Don’t ask me how I found time for that with school going on! In productive news, though, I just had a great job interview that I hope is going good places!

Blogger’s Spotlight:

I wanted to share some blog posts that I particularly enjoyed reading this month (originally inspired by Elisabeth from Everything & Nothin’).

  1. I SO identify with the concept of an inner adult proposed by Nancy of notquiteold. I need one of those.
  2. This post about “Putting the Care in Career” from Tenure, She Wrote resonated with me.
  3. I laughed at this Sciency LOL from Why? Because Science. 
  4. The Book Wars’ theme for January was Female Detectives, which inspired a lot of my reading this month. Here’s an article about Nancy Drew! As well as reviews for 2 of the 9 books I read this month: A Tale of Two Castles by my beloved Gail Carson Levine and the Enola Holmes series (of which I will be reading the remainder in February).
  5. The Book Wars also prompted me to add some diverse books being released in 2016 to my reading list.
  6. I enjoyed reading these poems by Katie Donovan.
  7. This highlights post from She’s a Maineiac made me laugh. Hard.
  8. I always enjoy reading posts from A Frog in the Fjord (and learn a lot about Norway while I’m at it), and this post about differences in New Year’s Resolutions between Norwegians and immigrants was no different.
  9. One Fifty inspired me to work better on journaling, and I particularly enjoyed her Week 4 Learning Log about stoats.
  10. As usual, I loved the manicures that Sandra from Finger Candy does: this month my favorites were her lavender, jasmine, hologram dotssome fun hearts, and rainbow sweaters.
  11. This post about love and wanderlust from The Other Fork in the Road reflects everything I feel about taking the next step in my life, in which I will probably move away from my college city for my career, leaving my already-employed boyfriend behind.

That’s it for January; happy February! Thanks for sticking with me in 2016 🙂