Yves Rocher 12H Foot Deodorant Cream Review

Although I haven’t talked about it before on this blog, last spring I studied abroad in Paris. I was directly enrolled in La Sorbonne, taking history and poetry classes with Parisian students. I also took classical dance lessons in the Marais, going to class 2-4 times a week to have my inflexible body pummeled into proper dance form.

I’d never done ballet before, and so I acquired a pair of demi-pointes at the famed Repetto store. However, I soon encountered a problem: my shoes smelled. Gradually, I realized it wasn’t a problem with my shoes, but in fact with my feet. Never before had I encountered problems with my feet smelling, but here they were, ruining my lovely new shoes.


I bought this foot deodorant in desperation. On my way home from class, I stopped by the Yves Rocher shop on Rue de Rivoli to browse and spotted this product in the foot care section. It was on sale, so I decided “why not?” And I have certainly not regretted that decision.

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