September 2014 Birchbox Review

Catch-up time… yet another quite belated Birchbox review!

I was pretty excited to open my Birchbox this month and see 7 samples! The theme was “Fresh Paint”: new colors, new trends, and new inspiration for the new season. Unfortunately, the theme wasn’t apparent at all in my samples. The only ‘new’ or ‘colorful’ sample was the lip balm, and I even received a neutral shade of it. I would have loved to see a slew of fall colors. I also received a lot of ‘favorites’ in my box, which is nice, but for a month of newness it would have been great to get a type of product I’d never heard of before.



The boxes this month were super cute. I really liked the redesign for their anniversary month. There were several possible color combinations, and I love the one I got!

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June 2014 Birchbox Review

I was almost as satisfied with this box as I was my first. There were several products that I was very glad to be introduced to!


This month’s theme was “Away We Go”: I like the idea of this theme, but since everything in Birchbox is sample-sized anyway, I feel like it wasn’t as well applied as last month’s. In a travel-themed box I’d have expected some multi-tasking products, maybe something intended for use after a long flight/drive or even products with ties to a specific location, but my box at least didn’t contain anything of the sort.

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