My 15 Favorite Products & Discoveries of 2015

2015 was such a full year for me! I struggled a lot with my job at school. I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree. I spent the summer traveling all across the United States, including visiting 8 states for the first time (Alaska, Washington, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Indiana, Kentucky,  and Tennessee). I attended the first funerals I’ve been to since I was 9, and unfortunately that was funerals in the plural. This means I’ve been so, so incredibly lucky not to have lost anyone close to me since then, but it made this particular year really rough. I started graduate school and managed a 3.82 GPA last semester.

It was so hard to develop my “best of” list for this past year. In 2014 I discovered a lot about the basics of beauty, but while I did learn a lot in 2015, this year was more about delving in and figuring out what I liked most. I still don’t have any true holy grails (I haven’t tried quite enough products for that!), but I’m getting there. After all, isn’t that what this whole process is about?



1. Serums & Oils

This year was the year I discovered the wide world of serums and oils. My interest in serum-type products started back in the summer of 2014 when I purchased the Nutriganics Drops of Youth Concentrate, but this year I expanded the number of serums I own by a huge amount through sampling and started using serums regularly in my routine. Now I have too many serums, and am struggling to get through them at a fast enough pace. Oops!

In March I received an oil from Paula’s Choice in my Birchbox and liked it so much I ordered a full size. Then I tried out a rosehip oil and a serum-in-oil, as well as transitioning to using a body oil and starting to test out hair oils. I even started using a cleansing oil!

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February 2015 Birchbox Review

After a less-than-stellar January box, I was a little apprehensive this month. Especially after finally taking the plunge into an annual subscription, I was so worried that my boxes were going downhill. Luckily, my February Birchbox was wonderful!

I was most excited to see the Roller Lash mascara in my box — I’d been seeing publicity for it all month, so it’s nice that I’ll get to try it since it’s a higher end mascara than I would ever buy for myself. Despite hardly ever using makeup remover, I was still excited to see the Marcelle remover in my box because it’s a type of product that I would never buy for myself but should probably own.


The February theme was Friendship, which was once again totally not reflected in the box’s contents (why do I still get my hopes up?). If I were curating a Friendship box, I would love to see products meant for sharing (nail polish, perfume), or  products recommended by other bloggers (maybe even with a little card saying why they were recommended!).

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