Who Can Resist Three New Zoya Polishes…

I had skipped out on ordering the Zoya Cyber Monday box (although once I saw what it contained, I sort of wished I had!), but since I was in the market for a new base as well as a new top coat I couldn’t resist this deal that popped up a week later: buy a mini color lock set and receive 3 full-size polishes for free. Since the full-size polishes retail for $9-10 on their own and I wanted all of the items in the kit, to me this was a great deal!



I spent ages poring over all the polishes on the Zoya site trying to pick the perfect three. They have so many beautiful colors that it’s just so hard to choose! I looked at swatches of SO many of the polishes that it probably took me hours, not even kidding. I ended up with Tinsley, Hermina, and Nimue.



Tinsley was the first polish I settled on. It looked like a pink polish with gold shimmer in swatches, and it certainly delivers! This is the polish that I immediately painted my nails with once I saw these polishes in person. It’s outside of my comfort zone, but it’s so beautiful.

I’m actually not 100% happy with Hermina and I wish I’d picked something else. It’s a lot frostier than I had been expecting, and the color wasn’t quite as interesting as I had hoped. I only had time to test it out on one fingernail, though, so maybe I’ll like it more once I have time to play around with it properly.

Nimue is a surprise polish. When I first swatched it for myself I felt a sudden sense of worry because it was a bit darker and drabber than online swatches had led me to believe. However, I used it as an accent nail while sporting Tinsley on my other nails, and it really grew on me a lot! While on my paper swatch it looked drab, on the nail that translates to a muted elegance. I wore this polish practically all of my winter break, and I love it. It was totally the star of this order.


Not the greatest photo, and please ignore my cuticles, but just trust me that Nimue is amazing.

P1480617 P1480882

I haven’t tested out anything in the mini manicure set yet because this package arrived the night before I left for winter break and I didn’t want to take untested polishes home with me when I had limited space. However, I know I’ll use each of the four items in it and so I’m definitely happy with that portion of my purchase.

What are your favorite Zoya polishes? Are you also extremely research-oriented when it comes to picking which polish to buy?

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