October 2015 Birchbox Review

Although October’s box theme was “Positive Force,” the real theme was Breast Cancer Awareness. The two extremely tempting featured boxes were developed in collaboration with Estée Lauder. However, I decided to take a risk and stick with a surprise box. It paid off, and I ended up with a box that I was pretty excited to delve into!


I thought the marbling on this month’s box was lovely, and the melding of pink colors did a good job of conveying the theme.


Avène | Soothing Moisture Mask

I’m always excited about trying a new face mask. I was also excited to sample a product from Avène, since I’ve never tried anything from the brand before. This mask ended up being a pretty typical-feeling hydrating mask. It did a fine job of moisturizing my skin, but I didn’t feel like it was any better than my other hydrating masks. Still, I enjoyed using it.

P1480231 P1480232

Manna Kadar | Lip Locked in Lucky

I’d heard iffy things about this product before receiving it as a sample this month, and I have to agree. The color itself is a pinky nude that doesn’t look great on me, and I’m not a fan of the glossy texture (there’s a reason I rarely wear lip glosses!). Also, although it’s hard to tell from the photos I took, this sample is minuscule — only about 2″ long.

Ignore the other colors in this photo — I was swatching the Tresemme concealer and the Anastasia brow pencil at the same time. 


Klorane | Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

This Klorane dry shampoo is one I’ve been wanting to try for a long time. I kept seeing other bloggers rave over it, but I figured I’d get the chance to sample it in one of my boxes eventually so I always held off purchasing it. And here it is!

I liked this dry shampoo. It smells pretty innocuous and it didn’t leave any residue once I brushed my hair out. However, I ended up being very disappointed by how long the sample lasted. I probably only got 5-6 uses out of this can. Which I guess is enough to tell if I like the product or not, but it leaves me wondering how many uses I’ll get out of the full-size container.


Dr. Jart+ | Ceramidin Cream

I sampled a similar-looking cream a few months ago, the Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Day Tint, and so was a little bummed to see this in my box. However, it’s still always nice to try a new moisturizer! To be honest, I haven’t properly tested this on my face, just squeezed out a small bit to see what it was like. This cream has a tan tint to it, although it seems like it goes on without tinting the skin, and a slightly herbal smell that I’m not sure I’m a fan of. I’ll report back once I actually try this out as a full moisturizer.


Benefit | Roller Lash Super-Curling & Lifting Mascara

This was my pick for sample choice this month. I received this as a sample back in February, used it for the first time last month, and decided I liked it so much I needed a backup. This mascara does a nice job of curling and darkening yet leaving my lashes looking somewhat natural — just as I like it!


Verdict: I thought this was a pretty solid box. I received 2 products that I was super excited about sampling — the Avène mask and Klorane dry shampoo, and 1 product I already know I love — the Roller Lash mascara. My last 2 samples weren’t amazing, but they were still nice to try, and so I’m very happy with this month’s box!

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