Memebox Order: My Introduction to K-Beauty

I already expressed my excitement about this order once, but now that it’s arrived I have to express it all over again!

P1480439 P1480440 P1480441

I was very impressed with the speed of delivery — it shipped the same day that I placed it, and arrived 4 business days later. The box was very compact, and stuffed with pink confetti. It was so cheerful! The color also matched perfectly with many of the items I ordered, but that was probably a coincidence.


Petit Fée | Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch | $20 $15

I’ve been experiencing ongoing dark circles under my eyes a lot this semester due to stress and lack of sleep, and I was really hoping this would help heal them. This tub comes with 60 patches, so that’s enough for 30 applications — wow! The downside is that I just noticed that they have an expiration date only 2 months from opening, so I guess I just need to use them every other day? I tried them for the first time on Saturday and have been impressed so far; I’ll report back with a review soon.


nooni | Snowflake Cleanser | $16 $13

I’ve been curious about Korean cleansers for a while. I originally wanted to try the Banila Clean it Zero sherbet cleanser, but it was always more expensive than I wanted. When I saw this one, I knew I had to try it! It’s advertised as a cleanser that starts as a balm, then turns into an oil as you massage it in, and finally into a milk when you wash it away. This cleanser has no scent. A little goes a long way, and it works well. I’ve been really impressed with it so far!


Memebox | Mini K-Beauty Travel Kit (Promo) | $5

This bag was stuffed full of goodies! The samples are all pretty small, but they should be good enough for a week or more of testing. I also really value the page of instructions that completely walks you through how to use all of these samples as part of a single routine.

There are only two things I wish could be improved: Some of the serum packets aren’t well enough labeled with what they’re supposed to do, so I’ll have to look that up myself. And it’s not clear what time of day to use the products — is this just one routine for both morning and night? Do I really use ALL of the products at once, especially all 5 of the different serum-type products? But really, despite these small confusions, I am so pleased with this kit.

P1480449 P1480452

Memebox | I’m Lipstick #MT007 | $16 $8

I was hoping that this lipstick would be a great MLBB shade for me. It’s not quite there — a little too mauve — but I really do love this color! The lipstick itself feels moisturizing at first but dries down pretty quickly, which is nice for longevity but not so nice for moisturized lips. Still, I think I’m going to get a lot of wear out of this.

The packaging is nice. It’s very unlike any lipstick I’ve ever owned before, since it’s very blocky and very black — there is absolutely no indication as to the color on the outside. Pity the person who owns multiple shades of this!


Mediheal | Paraffin Foot Mask | $3 $2

In the manicure I had this summer, the salon offered me a complimentary paraffin wax hand mask. The experience was really weird but also left my hands feeling incredibly soft, so I’m hoping this mask can capture some of that magic for my feet!

COSRX | Acne Pimple Master Patch | $5

In the reviews this is touted as an amazing cure for developing whiteheads. I’ve had a ton of whiteheads this semester, especially in the past few weeks, so I can’t wait to test this out! I desperately hope it lives up to its claims, because I feel like I’ve tried everything and nothing works!


Enprani | The Original Pearl Mask | $1

I figured I had to include a sheet mask in my Memebox order, since masks are one of the things K-Beauty is so well known for. I’ve never tried a pearl mask before and it was only $1, so I figured it would be a good first Korean mask to try!

Leaders Insolution | Coconut Gel Mask with Tomato | gift

I didn’t actually order this — it just came in my box. I assume it was a free gift-with-order, which is a nice touch. I’m also excited to try this mask!


I was really happy with this order. So, so happy. Every single one of these products is one that I’m beyond excited to try out and work into my routine.

Value: $66. Cost: $49. 15% discount: -$6.15. Final Total: $42.85.


6 thoughts on “Memebox Order: My Introduction to K-Beauty

    • I tried a sheet mask for the first time ever last week, and it was strange! I think that using sheet masks will take some getting used to for me… but I’m already planning to buy more, anyway.

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