September 2015 Birchbox Review

So, once again, I find myself behind. I still have my May, June, July, and August Birchbox reviews to write, but I figured I might as well post my more recent boxes in the meantime. Here I begin with a return to the warm, warm weather and idealistic views on schoolwork from September!


I’m back at school for the Fall semester, and among the many things I forgot to do while transitioning was change my Birchbox mailing address. So my September Birchbox was sent to my home address instead of my university address, and I had to wait all month until my parents visited to get it. Which ordinarily wouldn’t have bothered me too much, except I peeked at my box online and was beyond excited to be receiving the Caffeine Eye Cream from 100% Pure!

September’s theme was “Better Together”. September is Birchbox’s anniversary month, and so this theme seemed to fit the occasion.


P1480193 P1480195

This month’s box was pretty. I don’t adore the design, but I do love the font of the “You’re beautiful” on the top! I’m going to find a way to use it just for that.


100% Pure | Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream

Storytime: I first saw this on the Birchbox website almost a year ago while I was looking for an eye cream. I’d never used eye cream before receiving the Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream in my July 2014 box, but that sample led me to start exploring the options. This cream was only $19 at the time, the cheapest eye cream on the Birchbox website, so I was extremely tempted to take the chance and just get it. But a couple of reviews said it smelled strongly of coffee and I dislike the smell of coffee, so I hesitated. Instead, I waited around for a few months before buying an eye cream from The Body Shop. I never totally gave up on the possibility of receiving it in my box, though, and now here it is! A dream come true.

As for the product itself, I do quite like it. It does have an extremely strong smell, one that lingers for hours after I apply it, but I find that it’s not the scent of strongly brewed, bitter coffee but rather of smooth, unburnt coffee. It smells like the coffee my boyfriend makes by hand in the mornings instead of the coffee that you’d find flowing like a river in a diner. Beyond the smell, it has a nice texture and feels very hydrating. I don’t know yet if I’ll repurchase it, but I’ll definitely be considering it once I run out of this (very generously-sized!) sample.

Raw Spirit Fragrances | Wild Fire Eau de Parfum

This smells like pure smoke. It reminds me of sitting by a campfire in the dark, wood burning as sparks fly up into the night. No marshmallows roasting over the flames, no sweet cedar wood being grilled by the heat, just strong, acrid smoke. It’s supposed to contain a blend of amber, jasmine, ylang ylang, cedarwood, musk, and sandalwood, but all I get is woodsmoke.

This is not the kind of fragrance I would ever wear, but I would love the opportunity to try another of their scents. If all of their perfumes are as accurately named, I definitely want to test out Winter Oak. I love the smell of deciduous forests in the snow.

P1480210 P1480212

Anastasia Beverly Hills | Perfect Brow Pencil in Medium Brown

I missed out on sample choice this month — I just forgot what day it was happening and didn’t check my e-mail. But I happened to receive by complete chance the sample I would have picked anyway, which pleased me! Before this, I owned zero brow products. A huge fat zilch (unless you count the “brow” end of e.l.f.’s clear mascara/brow duo, which I don’t because I just use it as a second clear mascara). Anastasia Beverly Hills is a leading name in brow products, so I figured it would be a good introduction to how to do brows. That said, I really cannot see myself doing brow makeup on a daily basis, or even a weekly one. This pencil is a great color for me and is easy to use, so no complaints there, I just think it’s an extra step that I’m not in the mood for right now. Plus, even if it supposedly “looks better”, after staring at my face for so long the way it is I think my brows look really odd even just slightly more filled in!

P1480215 P1480213

trèStiQue | Correct & Cover Concealer Crayon in Bisque

Unfortunately, the color of this is just a little off. Even more unfortunately, I also don’t love the formula. It is nicely creamy, but I feel like when I try to blend it the product just disappears off of my face. Maybe I’m trying to conceal too much with it, but I feel like it provides inadequate coverage. My quest for the perfect concealer continues.

P1480208 P1480207

Salon Giojé | Keratin Protein Mask

Okay, I admit to not having tried this yet. But regardless of that, I was so excited to receive this and get the chance to test it out. The tub is a nice size (especially after receiving the amika hair mask in an itsy sample that was barely even one use on my thick hair). And to my immense surprise, it’s blue! The jury’s out on how that affects my opinion (just kidding, unusual colors never bothered me!).


Verdict: I was so excited about receiving the 100% Pure eye cream that I didn’t even care what else was in my box. But the rest of my box was also awesome! My first brow product ever, which would have been exciting in its own right even if it hadn’t been from such a well-reputed brand. A good-sized hair mask and a concealer that although ultimately didn’t work was still fun to test out. And even though the perfume I received totally didn’t suit me, I still appreciated the opportunity to try it and marvel in how accurate its name is. This box was a total hit in my book!

If you’re planning on purchasing a Birchbox subscription, please consider using my referral link:


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