Black Friday/Cyber Monday: Excitement Too Great To Contain (Part 2)

You can find Part 1 of this post here. I was just so excited about the online purchases I made on Black Friday and Cyber Monday that I just couldn’t wait until the packages actually got here to share them! In my first post, I talked about my awesome orders from Memebox, Birchbox, and Crabtree & Evelyn. This post covers Rite Aid, The Body Shop, and more.

Rite Aid

Rite Aid

Everything at Rite Aid was 30% off for Cyber Monday. I was first attracted to the Rite Aid sale because of the nail colors. I needed a new base cost, and I wanted a couple of new nail colors to cheer me up. I read a ton of reviews, and finally decided on the L’Oreal One Stop Base instead of some of the other brands of base coat that were available. The colors I picked up were a beautiful pink creme (Revlon Teak Rose), a shimmery duochrome (WNW Gray’s Anatomy), and a sparkling textured polish (L’Oreal Diamond in the Rough).

There was free shipping on orders $25+, so I shopped around for some items to up my total so I didn’t have to pay shipping. I bought some totally non-glamorous necessities like pantiliners and wetwipes, just because I would have gone to Rite Aid to buy them anyway and I might as well get them 30% off. But I also tossed in a Burt’s Bees Pomegranate lip balm duo, since it’s my favorite lip balm ever and I’m running low, and WNW Moisturizing Balm Stain in Rico Mauve, because it was cheap and I thought the color looked nice from online swatches. Finally, I added the Freeman Charcoal & Black Sugar Mask because I was still just under the minimum amount for free shipping and I have been wanting to try this mask for a while.

Rite Aid Order


The Body Shop #1

I had two items on my wishlist from TBS, but I only ended up getting one of them. For some reason, the Drops of Youth concentrate wasn’t included in the 50% Cyber Monday sale, despite it being advertised as a “whole-store sale”, and I wasn’t about to pay full price for it. I did get the eye cream I wanted, though, as well as the Vitamin E Serum-in-oil in limited edition packaging — I think the British flag on the bottle is really cute! I didn’t really need the serum-in-oil, but I wanted to boost my order up past $20 so I could get a point added to my Love Your Body rewards card, and I definitely will use it eventually.

TBS Order 1

I had dismissed the Black Friday tote sight unseen because I knew it would probably contain a lot of shower gel (which I don’t need more of right now) and I thought I wanted to wait for the Cyber Monday 50% off sale that I considered a better deal than the 3 for $36 sale that was going on for Black Friday. However, when I eventually looked at the tote — too late — I realized that it contained a lot of my favorite products from TBS and would actually have been a GREAT deal for me. For instance, it had the Nutriganics Drops of Youth concentrate I wanted! Plus my favorite satsuma body polish, the shea body butter, and the hemp hand protector I got recently and have really been liking. Unfortunately it was all gone by the time Monday rolled around and I actually took the time to notice it. Maybe next year?

The Body Shop #2

Okay, so this was a total logic purchase. My Love Your Body card was set to expire on December 1, and I was only 1 point away from a free card renewal (which normally costs $10) (and reaching 8 points also gives you a $25 credit in the shop). Getting that last point only required a $20 purchase, so I went for it since it gave a $35 return. The products aren’t ones I needed, and I probably won’t even get around to using them for a while, but it was worth it to me since I will eventually use these products.

TBS Order 2

I started off with the Camomile Cleansing Oil in my cart, since I’ve been curious about oil cleansing. I sampled an oil from Lancome and liked it, and so I’m hoping that this one is just as nice, since it’s a third of the price (when on sale). Then I added the Aqua Eye Mask because I think that idea of putting a cool mask over your eyes is refreshing. I also tossed in the Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream because it’s a product I like (I’ve gone through 2 tubs of it so far!) even though I’m pretty heavily stocked on moisturizer right now. I would have bought the Peppermint Foot Scrub instead because I’m running low on that, but it wasn’t quite expensive enough to raise me to the $20 I needed.

At first I was worried that my plan hadn’t worked, since the expiration date for my LYB card didn’t update when my points ticked over, but I checked back a day or so later and it had updated. Success!

I did realize that with this purchase I ended up getting way more cleansers than I need, but at least cleansers don’t expire as quickly as other products!


There are also several sales I looked at that I ended up not shopping.


Sephora: I had been looking forward to the Sephora $10 sets, and when information about them was first released I got excited. But then I looked at them again and realized that not a single set was actually something I really wanted.


Ulta: A similar thing happened here. I had originally been considering the LORAC Pro Metals Palette and the Boots Hot Cloth Cleanser, but then I realized that I wouldn’t get as much enjoyment out of them as I would using the $30 elsewhere.


Freeman: I was looking forward to buying a ton of masks from Freeman, but since I was able to get their Charcoal & Black Sugar mask from Rite Aid, which was the one I was most excited about trying, and had already bought a ton of other masks from Birchbox, I felt like I had too many masks in my possession and should probably hold off. I’ll come for your products another time, Freeman!


Zoya: I had been eyeing either the Cyber Monday mystery box or the build-your-own Dreambox, but I ended up realizing that with the polishes I had bought from Rite Aid I really didn’t need any more new polishes. I used the $20 I had been intending to spend on the mystery box to donate to a nonprofit organization I’m a part of instead.


e.l.f.: I was going to place an e.l.f. order solely because I wanted the Bordeaux Beauty and Ravishing Rose lipsticks. And maybe to test out a bunch of of their undereye concealers. But then I realized that buying two more MLBB-type lipsticks when I already had one on the way from Memebox wasn’t the best use of my money, and I didn’t want to buy enough to make the $35 free shipping cutoff anyway.


Target: Target had a nice 25% off sale, but Rite Aid’s sale was better and I had already bought most of what I needed elsewhere anyway, so I just skipped it.

So, that’s it! All of the shopping I did on Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. I’m pretty proud of the decisions I made and what I ended up getting. What were your favorite purchases from the weekend? Did anyone else use an Excel sheet to figure out what made sense to buy? Or am I just overthinking this whole thing?

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