Black Friday/Cyber Monday: Excitement Too Great To Contain (Part 1)

Update: Apparently this is my 100th post on this blog! It’s not a very ceremonious post, but it is one which I was super excited while writing (as you can probably tell from reading it). Which makes me happy!

So, I did a decent amount of shopping last weekend. Not a huge amount, at least not compared to what I’ve seen some beauty bloggers post about, but what feels like a whole lot to me. You probably noticed that a lot of beauty products were on sale for this thing called Black Friday and this other thing called Cyber Monday — crazy, right? I always try to shop during sales because I love getting deals on things, and last weekend was no different. I definitely stocked myself up for a while!

I went into my shopping adventure with a definite plan. There were certain items I knew I wanted, and I did a lot of comparison shopping and whittling down of wishlists before ever ordering anything. I am so happy with what I ended up ordering, and I just couldn’t contain how excited I am about some of the products I’ll be receiving in the mail shortly, so I had to post about them before they even arrive.

Shopping Strategy

My wishlist was pretty short, and I definitely didn’t stick to it, but I do think it helped me figure out what to narrow my shopping cart down to. All of the products on my wishlist were things I had felt like I needed multiple times in the last month, and it provided a great jumping-off point.

  • A new cleanser (can be balm, oil, gel, or cream)
  • The solution to whiteheads
  • A good undereye concealer
  • More multi-dimensional eyeshadows that can be worn alone
  • Purple eyeliner that doesn’t drag at all
  • A nail polish base coat
  • A perfect MLBB lipstick color
  • Some restocks: TBS Nutriganics eye cream, TBS Nutriganics Drops of Youth concentration, Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre (a full-size purchase after sampling)

I had a list of 11 stores which had sales going on that I wanted to investigate: Memebox, Birchbox, Crabtree & Evelyn, Rite Aid, The Body Shop, Sephora, Ulta, Zoya, Freeman, e.l.f., and Target.



I’ve never purchased anything from Memebox before, and I’ve barely even dipped my toes into the waters of Korean beauty at all, but Beeju‘s posts have been making me very curious. Elisabeth posted an image preview of the Black Friday sale they were going to be having and I decided I had to take advantage of it. I spent a lot of time browsing their website, and I am so happy with what I ended up picking. They’re all items I’m super excited about — I think this is the package I’m most excited to receive!

Memebox Order

I am most excited about the Snowflake Cleanser and the Black Pearl & Gold Eye Mask. I’ve been curious about Korean balm cleansers for a while, and I definitely need something to help with my dark undereyes after all the work I’ve put in this semester. The COSRx is touted as the cure for all whiteheads ever, so I’m hoping it lives up to that moniker! I’m also hoping the lipstick will be a great MLBB shade for me.

On the full-size items, I saved $17 from the Black Friday sale (the original prices aren’t listed on my order summary). I also was able to get the Black Friday Mini K-Beauty Travel Kit promo, which contains a ton of samples and I think will be a great introduction to Korean beauty. On top of the sale, I was able to use the new user “welcome” code for an additional 15% off my order. Awesome, right?



Aces got a Black Friday code for 30% off any purchases, which is the biggest storewide discount I’ve ever gotten from Birchbox (I’ve only been a Birchbox Ace since this summer). There were 2 things I knew I definitely wanted, and I ended up adding a few other things to my cart last-minute.

Item number 1 was a Birchbox subscription. Last year I was able to snag my annual Birchbox subscription for $88, and this year I got an even better deal at $77 for the entire year’s worth of monthly boxes. That’s just $6.40 a box! Item number 2 was the Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre. I sampled this last winter and really liked how it protected my face when I was out skiing in the whipping wind, and so I wanted to grab a tube to use this winter.

Birchbox Order BF

Last spring I had sampled a mask from nugg that I really liked, and so I decided to grab a quintet of that type and a quartet of other masks from nugg that sounded interesting. Still on the track of sampled products that I liked, I also added the LAQA & Co Charm School lip trio to my bag. I’ve found a great use for the pink color that I received in my August Birchbox, and so I wanted a backup of that as well as to try out the other two shades. And of course I added on the Mystery Sample pack for free since my order was over $35.


Crabtree & Evelyn

My shopping here wasn’t entirely for myself, which is why I could justify it! My grandmother loves some of the scents from Crabtree & Evelyn, and I’m thinking of putting together a spa basket for her for Christmas. Their 10 hand cream set was on sale in a major way, $40 for a $90 value, and I figure I’ll be able to give a lot of them away as gifts — and use the rest! I can always do with more hand cream, especially in the winter.

I sampled C&E’s Citron, Honey, & Coriander products at a hotel I stayed at last summer, and when I saw this hand care duo I decided to go for it as well. My hands can always use some extra attention in the winter, and I don’t own a hand scrub so this will be a nice addition to my sink.

I got lucky and last-minute decided to try a 25% off code that I found online. I definitely didn’t expect it to work with the Cyber Monday sale going on, but it did! And not only did it discount the full price Citron duo, but also the giant hand cream set!


I also made three more purchases on Cyber Monday, but you’ll have to wait until my next post to find out about those! I figured that including them all here would make this post WAY too long.

What are some of your Black Friday/Cyber Monday purchases that you’re most excited about?

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