Disclaimer? And a conflict of integrity.

I didn’t start this blog to make money, or to get sent products for free, or to become famous — did that even really need to be said? I started it because I wanted to try something I thought I would enjoy. And I have — I really love trying new things, and thinking critically about things, and practicing writing those thoughts down. Which is where this critically-thought-out blog post comes from…

I first heard about websites like Influenster and Tomoson back when I was first starting this blog. While googling advice about photography and blogging platforms, I couldn’t help but hear these sites get tossed around as “another thing that bloggers do,” “another part of the business”.

I only joined Tomoson.com about 3 weeks ago. I browsed the site a bit, saw some things I was interested in trying, hit the “Apply” button. Most of the promotions on the site I don’t have enough followers on any platform to apply for anyway, but browsing the options felt a little bit like window shopping.

For a while, I was conflicted. I applied for a bottle of argan oil and thought, how am I supposed to explain this to my readers? I requested a duo of unbreakable silicone wine glasses while wondering, how will I review this on my blog when it’s completely unrelated to beauty? After admittedly being confused or or annoyed by other bloggers when they reviewed dryer sheets in between “What’s in my bag” posts and lipstick reviews, I felt like I was betraying myself and my readers by doing the same thing.

The realization I’ve come to is that this is my blog. Yes it’s currently focused on beauty, and I have no desire to change that since I started this blog as a forum for me to talk about things that I can’t talk about in other arenas of my life. But just because I want to keep it focused on beauty doesn’t mean that it’s all I can talk about.

I’m just here to say that I’m not doing this for money, or to have more things. Every single thing I have applied for on Tomoson is something that I thought would be a useful part of my life. And if it’s a useful part of my life, why shouldn’t I share it with you?

So, I wanted to give you a heads-up that in the future you might see posts about products that I’ve been sent for free in exchange for my honest review. I’ll always mark them as such, and I won’t let anything affect my opinion of the product.

I would really appreciate your feedback on these thoughts! Have you felt a similar conflict?


3 thoughts on “Disclaimer? And a conflict of integrity.

  1. This really is a very hard subject to navigate. BTW, you should sign up for Brandbacker… many of their products don’t require millions of subscribers 🙂 But anyways I loved reading your honest conflict and it truly is hard… but here’s how I see it (after reviewing a box of k-cups on my beauty blog, lol): it’s my blog. Just like you said! This is ME, things I like, things that make me feel beautiful both inside and out! So I commend you for coming to that realization and not letting it eat you up 🙂

  2. Hey! So I actually was really conflicted about this too. Would I be selling out? Would I be a bad person for accepting products for review? But I realised, what I disliked about it wasn’t the free aspect of it, but the lack of transparency and lack of honesty. As long as I kept honest, then there is absolutely nothing wrong with sharing my experience with products I may have initially missed, or that I would never have originally had the chance to use!

    Plus, the truth is, if it ever got too much, I could just stop! You’re right, this is not about the money, or what you can get but the experience. It’s all down to how you manage it! best of luck to you 🙂

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