September 2014 Birchbox Review

Catch-up time… yet another quite belated Birchbox review!

I was pretty excited to open my Birchbox this month and see 7 samples! The theme was “Fresh Paint”: new colors, new trends, and new inspiration for the new season. Unfortunately, the theme wasn’t apparent at all in my samples. The only ‘new’ or ‘colorful’ sample was the lip balm, and I even received a neutral shade of it. I would have loved to see a slew of fall colors. I also received a lot of ‘favorites’ in my box, which is nice, but for a month of newness it would have been great to get a type of product I’d never heard of before.



The boxes this month were super cute. I really liked the redesign for their anniversary month. There were several possible color combinations, and I love the one I got!


Look at how stuffed this box is!


Liz Earle | Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

I have heard so much about this product, and so I picked it for my September sample choice. I was pretty excited about it, and I do like it, but not nearly as much as I was expecting. It does do a great job of removing makeup and cleaning your face, and I like the texture of the muslin cloth. However, I don’t like the feeling of applying the cream on my dry skin, or how much product it takes to clean my eye makeup off. The aspect I was most surprised about was the smell — I can’t place what it is, except that it’s strongly “herbal” smelling, but I don’t like it. The smell really detracts from the experience. I really do like the ritual of it, but I feel like I could recreate that with other products. I did appreciate the large sample size!

Update: after a little more use, this has grown on me. I love how well it removes my makeup, and how clean it leaves my face feeling. However, the smell is still way too strong for me to repurchase it.


Davines Ol | Oil Absolute Beautifying Potion

I think this is wonderful! It’s a de-frizzing hair oil that makes my hair a lot more manageable. I also think it smells really nice. Plus, the sample size of this was great. I just need 2-3 ‘drops’ (when you pump it, a small dollop of product comes out) to tame all of my frizzy flyaways.


Davines Ol | Shampoo

Davines Ol | Conditioner

I’m not a fan of the foil sample packets, although I guess I can’t complain about these since they were included for “free” with the hair oil. I was honestly expecting to hate these, given my previous experience with the Davines Love Shampoo & Conditioner. However, I actually really liked them!

The shampoo has a thin consistency and is translucent, while the conditioner is very thick, creamy, and opaque. Both have a strong perfumed smell that I really liked. It was vaguely exotic and reminded me of a more floral version of Argan oil. When I used it, the shampoo foamed up a lot and seemed to do a pretty good job of cleaning my hair. The conditioner melted really well into my hair — I felt like I needed to use less of it than I do with other conditioners — and it made my hair really soft. I just wish it was less expensive! At $26 and $32 respectively, I really don’t think I can justify the full-size of either one.


Yu-Be | Moisturizing Skin Cream

In contrast to the previous two samples, I was pretty disappointed in the sample size of this cream. It’s itsy-bitsy — barely the size of my forefinger. It also has a really herbal smell that I’m not a fan of. However, this is definitely moisturizing. Because of the small size, it’s been put in my purse for on-the-go moisture touch-ups, mostly to my elbows.


Dr. Jart+ | Black Label Detox BB Beauty Balm

I was also disappointed in the small sample size of this. Although you really only need a small amount to cover your entire face, and so a little can go a long way. Since it only comes in one color, I was pleasantly surprised by how well it melded into my skintone! It also feels weightless on my skin. It doesn’t give very much coverage, but it does a nice job of slightly airbrushing my skin. I really like this, and am considering using my Birchbox points on the full size product!

IMG_20140919_191920993 IMG_20140919_191939269

Pixi by Petra | Lip Balm in Honey Nectar

I received this balm in Honey Nectar, which is a ever-so-slightly shimmery nude color. It’s the perfect color for me — halfway between “I’m not wearing lip balm my lips are just already perfect” and “wow, that lip balm is really pretty”. It’s also definitely hydrating. It does have a slight sweet smell, but I don’t mind it.


Verdict: Out of my 5 products this month, I loved 5, liked 1, could have done without 1, and disliked 0. I was disappointed by the size of some of the samples, but the large size of the other three samples made up for it. All in all, this was a really amazing box!

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