February 2015 Birchbox Review

After a less-than-stellar January box, I was a little apprehensive this month. Especially after finally taking the plunge into an annual subscription, I was so worried that my boxes were going downhill. Luckily, my February Birchbox was wonderful!

I was most excited to see the Roller Lash mascara in my box — I’d been seeing publicity for it all month, so it’s nice that I’ll get to try it since it’s a higher end mascara than I would ever buy for myself. Despite hardly ever using makeup remover, I was still excited to see the Marcelle remover in my box because it’s a type of product that I would never buy for myself but should probably own.


The February theme was Friendship, which was once again totally not reflected in the box’s contents (why do I still get my hopes up?). If I were curating a Friendship box, I would love to see products meant for sharing (nail polish, perfume), or  products recommended by other bloggers (maybe even with a little card saying why they were recommended!).


The box this month is pretty funky! The color combination is  actually hard to look at, it’s so neon! Despite it being one of my least favorite colors, I actually like the box a lot — I think it grew on me after sitting around for so long.


Marcelle | Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover for Sensitive Eyes

Although this was one of the sample choice options this month, I ended up not making a sample choice at all because none of the options really called to me. This ended up in my box anyway. But I’m very glad it did!

This product exceeded my expectations by a long shot. It was completely non-irritating, incredibly gentle, and amazingly effective — I didn’t have to rub at my eyes at all to remove my mascara. My only complaint is that it leaves an oily residue that has to be wiped away. I love this so much that I don’t mind, especially since I always clean my face after removing makeup anyway. This is one of those products that I might have to buy after it runs out.


Juicy Couture | Hollywood Royal

I’m not sure how I feel about Juicy Couture as a brand. They just seem so… teenager-y? I haven’t seen anything from them that I’ve wanted since middle school, and even then it was more because they were popular than because their products actually interested me.

This particular scent opened extremely fruity before settling into a very sweet bold marshmallow floral. I liked it well enough, but I could only see myself wearing it on certain occasions.

IMG_20150228_180421983_HDR IMG_20150328_120314349

Coola | Face SPF 30 Unscented Matte Tint

I was very surprised by the color and texture of this! I don’t know why, but I was expecting it to be white (maybe because it contains SPF?). Instead, it looks like any other BB cream. The texture, however, is pretty unique. It feels like a mousse. On your face, it is SO lightweight and airy. It actually makes my face feels lighter just by virtue of having this on my skin.

My only disappointment was that a little does not go a long way. It took more than I liked to cover my face, especially since this is a small sample tube. But I can forgive it that sin because it just feels so amazing on my face. It also does a great job of mattifying and keeping my skin matte all day.

I can’t attest to its sunscreen properties, since we haven’t been getting much sun where I live… but I’ll save some of this sample for warmer weather and report back!


Camille Beckman | Platinume Gold Imperial Repair Hand Therapy in Lemongrass Vert & Sparkling Grapefruit

This is a decent hand cream, with a pretty nice texture. The smell was lovely, too. It smelled fairly strongly of lemongrass and grapefruit, as you would expect. I heard complaints from other reviewers that this came across as an old lady smell, but to me it just seemed bright and fresh.

My biggest complaint is that the sample is minuscule — there was barely enough product to cover my hands 3 times. Because I’ve been taking good care of my hands and they’re in pretty good condition, I can’t speak as to whether this is a miracle product for dry hands. I didn’t think it was anything extra-special, but maybe with more use I would have.

IMG_20150228_180748548_HDR IMG_20150228_180738024_HDR

Benefit | Roller Lash

I haven’t actually tried this yet, since I’m working through two other mascaras now. But based on what I’ve heard and seen from other bloggers, this looks like an amazing product and I am so excited to test it out soon.


Also included in each box this month was a coupon for a discount on Rent the Runway. Unfortunately, the discount wasn’t great enough to warrant me actually using Rent the Runway, so this was pretty useless for me.


Verdict: I’m really happy with my box this month! My fears from last month have completely subsided. In this box I loved 3, liked 1, and could have done without 1 products, which is a pretty good result (while I don’t know whether I love Roller Lash yet, I did love receiving the product!).

If my reviews have swayed you into purchasing a Birchbox subscription, please consider using my referral link to sign up: https://www.birchbox.com/invite/justabirchbox


One thought on “February 2015 Birchbox Review

  1. I always think Birchbox’s themes are funny. How can you look at a beauty product and go, “That reminds me of friendship”? I’m curious about the Benefit Roller lash! Let us know what you think when you try it!

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