Five Little Things: This Week in New Products

  • I attended a formal event last weekend, and I took the opportunity to wear a lipstick that used to be my favorite but that I haven’t worn in ages — probably because I haven’t had anywhere suitable to wear it to! Meet L’Oréal’s Lip Accents Crème in Paradise Plum. It actually still is my favorite lipstick for being fancy. So this isn’t actually a new product, but just something that feels new because I haven’t worn it in so long.


  • I’ve been using my new Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask as an overnight lip treatment, and it’s been wonderful. My lips have never felt so moisturized!


  • I picked up the fairly new VO5 Shine, Glow, & Go Beauty Oil at the grocery store last week, and since then I’ve been using it twice a day. It takes longer to soak in than my body lotions, but so far I’ve been loving it anyway! I think it’ll be especially great for summer.


  • I decided to change things up and use my barely-touched matte IT Cosmetics palette for an eye look earlier this week. Later in the day, I looked in the mirror and was confused about why there was glitter on my lids. It took me a while to figure out that it’s time to clean my eyeshadow brushes!

IT matte glitter from brushes

  • Currently on my nails: Zoya Aubrey. This is a color that I’ve been struggling to figure out how to wear, since the formula isn’t very easy to work with and I prefer not to put a lot of time into my nail polish. I also don’t think it’s the greatest color on me, which is sad because I love it in the bottle.


What new things have you been trying this week?

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