Revlon Polish Haul ~ Spring in a Bottle

The other day I was at Rite Aid to buy all of their cheap leftover Easter candy, and I couldn’t help but wander down the makeup aisle looking for… I wasn’t quite sure what. Then, my eyes lit on the bright yellow sale tag marking the Revlon nail polish display, and my day was made: 2 polishes for $4.00.

I bought my first Revlon polishes a few months ago, and I still really like both of them. Not only are the colors and formula nice, the bottles themselves just look so classy! I was excited to make a couple of new additions to my collection, especially since there were some colors in the display that I’d been thinking about all week. I ended up buying 6 regular polishes and two polishes from their Parfumerie line.

IMG_20150425_154733087_HDR IMG_20150425_154607753_HDR


Revlon Charming

This was my first pick. I’d been thinking about buying a paler lavender shade for a few weeks now, and this was one of the options I’d been eyeing.


Revlon Dreamer

A couple of posts on other blogs have had me lusting after a perfect Cinderella blue, and I’m glad I stumbled across it! This is what’s on my nails right now and I’ll be sharing more swatches of it later.


Revlon Diamond Texture

I am SO glad that I picked this one up. I purchased my first textured polish in January (Zoya Nyx), and have been daydreaming about similar polishes. This texture is less prevalent than the Zoya Pixiedusts, which I actually like because it’s a little subtler.


Revlon Rebel Graffiti

I almost bought this the last time I ended up at the Revlon display, but I held off because I wasn’t sure if I would use it. I’m still not sure I’ll use it, but the concept is just so cool that I couldn’t turn it down this time.


Revlon Valentine

This is the perfect deep red polish. It definitely makes me think of hearts and Valentine’s Day.


Revlon Extravagant

This is my least favorite of the polishes I bought. I was thinking it would be a lovely bright pink, and it is, but there’s more shimmer in it than I would like.

IMG_20150425_154848093 IMG_20150425_154838091_HDR

Italian Leather

I still don’t know how I feel about this. I had it on my toes briefly and didn’t like it, but then I tried it on a fingernail and realized it would be a beautiful color for fall. But I’m still not personally a huge fan of khaki green, so it remains to be seen whether I will actually wear it.


Apricot Nectar

This polish is much brighter than I expected, and so I’m not sure if I’ll get much wear out of it. It leans a little more orange than peach, and so it doesn’t really suit my skintone.


What are your favorite Revlon nail polishes? If the sale is still going on next time I stop by a Rite Aid, what else should I get?

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