Yves Rocher 12H Foot Deodorant Cream Review

Although I haven’t talked about it before on this blog, last spring I studied abroad in Paris. I was directly enrolled in La Sorbonne, taking history and poetry classes with Parisian students. I also took classical dance lessons in the Marais, going to class 2-4 times a week to have my inflexible body pummeled into proper dance form.

I’d never done ballet before, and so I acquired a pair of demi-pointes at the famed Repetto store. However, I soon encountered a problem: my shoes smelled. Gradually, I realized it wasn’t a problem with my shoes, but in fact with my feet. Never before had I encountered problems with my feet smelling, but here they were, ruining my lovely new shoes.


I bought this foot deodorant in desperation. On my way home from class, I stopped by the Yves Rocher shop on Rue de Rivoli to browse and spotted this product in the foot care section. It was on sale, so I decided “why not?” And I have certainly not regretted that decision.


The Yves Rocher Foot Beauty Care 12H Foot Deodorant Cream has been somewhat of a lifesaver, both back then and more recently. It is a cream with a texture that borders on gel-like, which is rapidly absorbed into your feet. The crème déodorante has a strong lavender scent, but one which is rather creamy instead of sharp.


Most importantly, it WORKS. Simply squirt out a penny-sized amount and rub it into your feet (I usually concentrate on my soles and between my toes). Then slip on your socks (or shoes, or anything else you’re wearing on your feet) and you’re good to go. The lavender scent wears away, so your socks/shoes don’t end up smelling of lavender; they just smell vaguely fresh. After rubbing it onto your feet you do have to wash your hands; it would be nice if this came in a spray container for on-the-go use!

Now, I use it whenever I intend to wear steel-toed boots and be on my feet all day. It saves me from dreading the moment that I have to remove them at the end of the day — instead of feeling the need to jump right into a shower, I can take my time and do other things first. Also, dirty secret: if I need to re-wear socks because I forgot to do laundry, I can use this and my socks will still smell clean at the end of two days (I haven’t tried three, but it might even manage that!)


The only downside is the dispenser. It comes in a tube, and the cream is fairly liquidy so if you’re not careful it has the tendency to come out more quickly than you’re expecting and get all over the cap. However, the product is definitely worth dealing with this minor annoyance.

IMG_20150425_152656626 IMG_20150425_152644675

I don’t use this every day, so I’m actually still on my first tube (I do have an extra stashed away, though). If I were using it daily, I imagine it would last about two months.

I bought this product in a physical store, which unfortunately don’t exist in the US. Luckily, it’s easy to get online at yvesrocher.com! The Yves Rocher Beauté des Pieds Crème Déodorante 12H/Yves Rocher Foot Beauty Care 12H Foot Deodorant Cream retails for $16, but it’s frequently on sale for 50% off. I don’t remember what I paid for it the first time, but I purchased my backup tube for $4.75 back in January.

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