January 2015 Birchbox Review

Let’s start off on a positive note… the color palette of this month’s box is beautiful. Don’t my products look pretty sitting there? Unfortunately, pretty colors aren’t enough, and this is the most disappointing Birchbox I’ve received.


The January theme was “Fresh Start,” which seems perfect for the first month of a new year. However, none of these products are new or exciting for me, or geared towards helping me achieve my beauty goals (not that I have beauty goals…but if I did, this box wouldn’t help).


Okay, so the box was pretty cute! I don’t love it as much as the December box, but I’ll definitely keep it for storage.

IMG_20150228_181643641_HDR IMG_20150228_181727610_HDR

Essentiel Elements | Wake Up Rosemary Body Lotion

Essentiel Elements | Wake Up Rosemary Shower Gel

This month’s sample choice was one of three body lotions. Despite not actually needing a body lotion, I picked the Essentiel Elements, so I have no one to blame for this one but myself.

I ended up receiving the complementary shower gel in my box instead of the lotion, and reached out to Birchbox. As always, I was extremely impressed by Birchbox’s response. They immediately sent me the body lotion sample in the mail!

The body lotion itself is fine; I think it did a good job of moisturizing. The scent is what is disappointing, though. I’m actually really glad I accidentally received the shower gel, because the scent of that is so much fresher and useable than that of the lotion. The shower gel is a little irritating on sensitive areas of my skin, though, probably due to it’s menthol content.


Number 4 | Non-Aerosol Hairspray

Hairspray is not something I use. I did use it once to test it out, and it did a good job of being hairspray. For people who do use hairspray, this one would be great for traveling since it’s non-aerosol. But for me, this was a disappointing sample.


Juliette Has a Gun | Not a Perfume

The smell didn’t feel special to me, but I could understand why others like it. However, I was very disappointed by how little time the scent lasted on my skin — the lasting power is the reason this sample is disappointing, given how much I’ve heard about this “perfume”.

IMG_20150228_181216032_HDR IMG_20150228_181233214_HDR

Dr. Jart+ | Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45+

I wasn’t excited to see this in my box, having received another Dr. Jart BB cream in my O? box that I still haven’t used. However, once I tried it, I changed my mind.

I liked how this applies — it goes on really smoothly with just my fingers, and it didn’t take very much to cover my whole face. The color also suited my skintone, although it wasn’t a perfect match (luckily, BB cream doesn’t need to be). I did feel like it was a little greasy on my skin right after application, probably due to the SPF.

IMG_20150228_181325304_HDR IMG_20150228_181530752_HDR

Sumita | Color Contrast Eyeliner in New Delhi Chai

I received this in New Delhi Chai, which is a gold color. While I really liked the color and the pencil swatched well on my hand, I had trouble applying it to my lid. Because it is so soft, it kept getting onto my eyelashes, and I found it very difficult to remove from my lashes without also removing it from my lids! So as much as I wanted to like this, it’s pretty unusable for me.

Verdict: I loved 0, liked 1, could have done without 4, and disliked 0 samples this month. I have not used any of the products from this box again since trying them, and the only one I envisage myself using is the Dr. Jart+ BB cream.

This is the Birchbox I’ve been most disappointed in thus far. Despite a couple of not-very-exciting months, I’ve always at least been satisfied with my box. This month, however, has me a little worried — I finally purchased an annual subscription in December, and this is my first box of the year! I really hope that this is just a low point.

If you’re planning on purchasing a Birchbox subscription, please consider using my referral link: https://www.birchbox.com/invite/justabirchbox


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