The Rubbing Alcohol Method

The other day, I experienced my very first broken eyeshadow pan. I had carelessly left an e.l.f. quad palette on the edge of the sink, and my boyfriend accidentally knocked it off. Luckily only one of the four shadows broke — I’m still not sure how that happened! I was a little disappointed, though, because the pan that broke was my favorite out of the quad.


Broken eyeshadow.

However, this gave me an opportunity to try a method I’ve heard a lot about for repairing broken eyeshadows.

A quick recap of the method:

1. Counterintuitively smash up the eyeshadow even further.

I decided to skip this step because the eyeshadow wasn’t that broken. I just broke down some of the larger chunks into a finer crumble.


Slightly wetted with rubbing alcohol.

2. Place several drops of rubbing alcohol into the pan.

I didn’t have a dropper to do this with, so I actually used a paper towel! I saturated a scrap of paper towel and squeezed it carefully to drip a bit of rubbing alcohol onto my slightly crushed eyeshadow.


Applying pressure to the pan.

3. Use a coin the size of your pan to re-press the eyeshadow.

I used a quarter and wrapped it in a tissue. Then I gently pressed the quarter into the pan for about 30 seconds to a minute.


Newly pressed eyeshadow.

4. Let dry.

I set my pan out on a windowsill for a day to fully dry out.



So, did it work?


Dried eyeshadow.



Swatch of repaired eyeshadow.

My fixed eyeshadow is just as beautiful of a formula and color as it was before. It definitely feels good as new!

After pressing it with the coin, I realized that the first step is actually very important. Because I didn’t crush it up, mine ended up with an uneven, pocked surface. However, this didn’t impact the final result; it’s just not as attractive looking as before. Overall, I’m pretty pleased with how this method worked out!


Back in the quad where it belongs.

Have you ever used this method? Was this post helpful to you?


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