February Favorites

Yes, I know it’s March. Yes, I know that I completely skipped my January Favorites. But yes, I know that I still want to share my February Favorites with you all. And without further ado, here are the top products that I discovered last month!



Bath & Body Works | Wild Honeysuckle Body Lotion

Okay, I’ll admit, this is actually a rediscovery. I had a bottle of this about 6 years ago and loved it, but when it ran out I never replaced it. Bath & Body Works was having an online sale in January, and I snagged a couple bottles of this at $2.75 each. Now I wish I’d bought more than just 2 bottles! I simply adore this scent.


Marcelle | Gentle Eye Make-Up Remover For Sensitive Eyes

This arrived in my February Birchbox. At first I was a little disappointed, because makeup remover isn’t something I use frequently, but this is really a wonderful product and I found myself reaching for it surprisingly often.


Embryolisse | Lait-Crème Concentré

This actually came in my December Birchbox, but I didn’t open it until the end of January. This month it’s been a necessity for those days when you can feel the wind whipping at your face and stripping your skin of moisture, because this protects it better than any of my other moisturizers.


Sally Hansen | Maximum Growth

My nails held onto their manicure for most of January, but in February this is what I relied on to keep my nails improving. I used this as a basecoat for every single manicure I did, and I definitely think it contributed to my nails looking the best they have since I was a 5-year old.


Yves Rocher | Comme Une Évidence Eau de Parfum

This was part of a Yves Rocher online order that I made at the end of January. This is the perfume I reached for almost every day this month, when I wasn’t test-driving other perfumes. With multiple floral notes, it’s a very spring-y smell, and it kept me feeling alive throughout this dreary month.

So, that’s it for February! A rediscovery of a favorite lotion, a new type of product, an amazing winter moisturizer, nail growth, and a new perfume.

What products did you love in February?

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