My Nail Odyssey: Interlude #1

By “interlude” I mean that, instead of sharing an update, I’m actually going to do something with my nails!

A while ago I shared a mini drugstore haul, which included three nail polishes: a mauve frost, a glitter topcoat, and a quick-dry topcoat. Today, I’m going to share the look I did using all three.


I started with a coat of my trusty Sally Hansen Maximum Growth. I let it dry, then brushed on one coat of Wet n Wild Wild Shine polish in Mauve Frost. In retrospect, I should have used two because one wasn’t quite opaque. However, since I knew I’d be using several other polishes, I was trying to avoid making my polish too thick.

I allowed that coat to dry, then proceeded with my glitter topcoat, Wet n Wild Wild Shine polish in Kaleidoscope. I used two coats of this, then finished it off with one coat of Sally Hansen Dries Instantly Top Coat.

Here’s the finished look!

wpid-wp-1422460512054.jpeg wpid-wp-1422460516664.jpeg

It’s a little hard to see the glitter in these pictures, especially since there isn’t much of it, but it’s definitely there! Although initially I was disappointed by how little glitter there is, it’s grown on me a bit and I like how casual it looks.

Some first opinions on the polishes:

WNW Mauve Frost – I really like this! The formula is a little streaky, like most Wild Shine polishes, but the color is incredible. It’s sort of a light plum-copper color. Also, with two coats, the streakiness might have decreased.

WNW Kaleidoscope – This is a silver holographic glitter in a clear base. I was disappointed by how sparse the glitter was in this. I was definitely expecting to be able to achieve a more sparkly look in just one coat, whereas in actuality the level of glitter I wanted would have taken 4 or 5 coats with this. Also, the polish itself is a little gloopy and went on thicker than I wanted (also making multiple coats difficult). But the glitter itself is so pretty!

Sally Hansen Dries Instantly Top Coat – I wish the application had been a little thinner, but it did certainly dry quickly! Which is all I was really looking for from this top coat.


My nails aren’t at the point where I want to be swatching polishes on them, so I actually used a toilet paper tube (classy, I know) to test the Kaleidoscope topcoat over various other polishes I own since I wasn’t sure at first what I wanted to wear under it.

From left to right: Kaleidoscope alone, and then over NYC In a New York Color Minute in Nolita’s Lavender, WNW Wild Shine in Metallica, WNW Wild Shine in Mauve Frost, and e.l.f. Nail Polish in Nude. Each swatch has 2-3 coats of Kaleidoscope over top.


What do you think of the combination I ended up choosing?

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