My Nail Odyssey: First Manicure

Before I show you my nails, a quick request: Read this post first.
All caught up? Good. Now, a few weeks back (Sunday, January 18th to be precise) a friend talked me into getting a manicure with her. At first I was reluctant. I’ve never had a manicure before, and I was nervous about it because I didn’t know what to expect. Also, since my nails are so short, I wasn’t sure if a manicurist would even be able to do anything with them. Finally I caved in since I figured that a manicure would be a good way to start off my “no-biting” mission on the right foot.

My friend had selected a small salon, but they had a ton of polish colors to choose from. I was torn between Essie Vanity Fairest and OPI Shine For Me. Vanity Fairest is a pinky nude with the slightest gold shimmer, and Shine For Me is a glittery silver. Half of me wanted to go for the nude because I’m so embarrassed about my nails, but the other half thought that having in-your-face nails would help me to stop biting because any damage would be more obvious. My manicurist suggested the Essie because it would draw less attention to my nails, but I decided to go all out and follow my friend’s suggestion to “start the new year with a bit of sparkle.”
I was glad that my manicurist was always a step behind my friend’s, since it let me see what was coming and avoid surprises. My manicurist clucked over my short nails when I first sat down (as I had expected), but I was happy that he didn’t mention it again. I watched pretty closely as he filed my nails and trimmed my cuticles, hoping to learn how to do it on my own. First thing I learned: I don’t have the right tools. I own a 4-piece “manicure set” that has a nail clipper, nail file, trimmer scissors, and a cuticle pusher, but my manicurist used a completely new tool: a cuticle clipper. And now, I need one. He also used tweezers to get rid of stray pieces of skin that I had around my nails. I’m still pretty sure that I’m incapable of taking care of my nails, but at least now I know what I’m supposed to be doing.

Cuticle clipper

My nails received a base coat, two coats of Shine for Me, and a top coat. I was impressed by how easily my manicurist painted my nails — he made it look like a breeze, whereas for me it’s usually a struggle to not get polish all over my fingertips. While he was painting my nails I started to regret my polish choice — it seemed as if it was just sparse blue glitter, instead of the full-coverage silver sparkle I’d been expecting.

But then, once the polish dried…. magic! Shine for Me isn’t quite what I expected — it’s a fine silver glitter base with blue sparkles mixed in, whereas I’d originally expected a pure silver glitter. However, I can’t stop looking at it. I love seeing my fingertips doing things, and watching the polish as it catches the light.

Before & After photos:

IMG_20150109_182012366_HDR IMG_20150111_162757477_HDR

All in all, my first manicure was a good experience. I could definitely see myself going back for a second one in a few weeks after my nails have grown out some more. The salon did things with my nails that I’m not nearly confident enough to attempt, and I think it provided a good base for my nails to start growing out from.

Do you have any stories from your first manicure experience? Any advice for achieving salon manicure results at home?

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