Holiday Wishlist 2014

It’s the season for gift-giving for many people, and among all of the other blogging wishlists out there, I decided to make my own. I narrowed it down to just a few items, the ones that I would most love.


Socks. In the winter, socks are what I run out of first, even before underwear. I recently bought some cute J. Crew red and white polka-dotted socks, and I’d love more like that (cute and comfy I mean, not J. Crew!)

Warm gloves. I seem to have lost all of my coziest gloves, and I need a replacement! My hands get so cold walking to class in the morning, and I would love a pair of fleece-lined or fuzzy gloves. Bonus points if they have tech-compatible fingertips.

Earmuffs. In the same vein… I have also misplaced my only pair of earmuffs, and need a new pair!

it cosmetics | Celebration Palette | $42 | This is the limited edition holiday palette I’ve been eyeing the most, because most of my eyeshadows are shimmers and this is all matte. While I just bought several matte shadows from Coastal Scents, I’ve heard that these mattes have the most satiny formula that doesn’t look at all flat or chalky.

MAC | Lipstick in Fast Play | $16 | I went to a MAC store on Black Friday to find my perfect MAC lipstick, and this was it. However, the store was out of stock of this particular color, and I haven’t ordered it online for myself yet.

An extra battery for my camera. I take a lot of photos, and it’s a pain for my camera to die when there’s still daylight left, especially while traveling.

Netflix subscription. While I really don’t need another reason to procrastinate, it would be really great to be able to watch what I wanted when I wanted, instead of having to search YouTube with ever-increasingly broad or specific search terms to find the scene or show I want.

Sabon | Body Scrub | $33 | I tried the Lavender Apple scrub in one of the Sabon stores in Paris, and I couldn’t stop smelling my hands all day. When I’m a real adult, I’m definitely going to have this in my bathroom.

Too Faced | La Belle Carousel | $49 | This is definitely not at all something I actually need or desperately want, but I included it since it’s limited edition this year, and it has two of the most perfect shades of eyeshadow ever and one of the most perfect blushes.


So, that’s it! I’m sure that none of these will be under the tree tomorrow since I didn’t actually give this wish list to anyone, but I’m excited to see what I do get! Happy holidays, everyone!

Is there anything that you’re really hoping to receive this December?

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