My Morning Skincare Routine

My morning routine has been pretty simple for my entire life. As a kid, it involved rubbing a wet washcloth over my face. In middle school, my mom gave me my first face wash. After starting college, I started paying more attention to my skin and took care to actually wash my face every morning. Now, I’m here, caring more about what products I use and what steps I take.

Recently it’s been going through a lot of changes, but I’d love to share my current morning routine with you all. In contrast to my thorough (ish) nighttime routine, which I just talked about here, my mornings are usually a rush. Sleep is a commodity in college, and I tend to try and make up for going to bed later than I would like by sleeping in for as long as possible. Therefore, my morning skincare routine gets reduced to just three steps: Cleanse, Treat, and Moisturize.


1. Cleanse. Since I wash my face so well before going to bed, if I’m in a hurry I’ll just rub over my face with a wet washcloth to get the sleep out of my eyes. If I’m less rushed, I’ll use Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Scrub. The citrus-ginseng smell of this and bursting beads really help me feel happy about being awake.

IMG_20141116_130505462 IMG_20141116_123855691_HDR

2. Treat. Due to stress I’ve been breaking out a lot along my chin and forehead, and so I’ll rub St. Ives Green Tea Gel Cleanser into my skin in those areas then rinse it off. If I’ve got any obvious blemishes, I’ll dab a bit of e.l.f. Essentials Zit Zapper or Burt’s Bees Herbal Blemish Stick on them. I’ve been trying to avoid the Blemish Stick, because it has a very overpowering herbal smell, but sometimes it’s just worth it.


3. Moisturize. I just repurchased the Body Shop Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream, and so this is my daily moisturizer.  Sometimes I will also use either the Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream or Yves Rocher hydra végétal Fresh Gel Undereye Bags on the area under my eyes if it’s looking dry or especially dull.

IMG_20141116_130433866 IMG_20141116_130424961

If I really have lots of time, I’ll use a face mask. The one I would use in the morning is Yves Rocher Cranberry Cooling Effect Mask. I love this because it’s a 3-minute rinse-off mask, is cooling, and has the brightest smell. These last two facts simultaneously help wake me up and relax me, which improves my day from the get-go.

IMG_20141116_130511548_HDR IMG_20141116_124236467

At its fastest, my morning skincare routine takes about 30 seconds; at it’s longest, around 5 minutes.

Is there anything I mentioned that you would particularly like a review of?

This is part two of a three-part series on my daily routines.

Part One: My Evening Skincare Routine

Part Three: My Everyday Makeup Routine

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