October e.l.f. Haul and Swatches

First of all, I know it seems like I’ve been doing a LOT of hauls lately. That’s because… well… I have. But don’t worry, soon I will start reviewing all of the lovely (and not so lovely) products I’ve been buying! Secondly, you should be forewarned that this post is extremely picture-heavy. Now, on with the beauty!

After buying a huge amount of e.l.f. products in August, I’ve been accumulating a wishlist of more products things I’d like to try. Over Columbus Day weekend, e.l.f. had a free shipping offer on all orders greater than $14.92. This is so much lower than any of their normal free shipping offers, and so I jumped on it!



Some closeups…

IMG_20141020_220015646_HDR IMG_20141020_220020480_HDR IMG_20141020_220039208  IMG_20141020_220422023_HDR IMG_20141020_220406907

Note: All swatches are at the end.

IMG_20141020_221806364 IMG_20141020_221838224_HDR IMG_20141020_221903277

Smudge Pot in Brownie Points | $3.00

The second photo captures some of the incredible depth of this color. It’s absolutely beautiful. I still don’t know how to ideally use smudge pots, so that’s a work in progress…but just look at how beautiful this color is.

Primer Eyeshadow in Coco Loco | $1.60

In swatches, this looks inexplicably exactly like Brownie Points. That might be because Brownie Points muddies a bit when you swatch it. But in any case, this is super pretty.


Eyelid Primer in Sheer | $1.00

My only eyeshadow primer is Urban Decay’s Primer Potion right now, and so I figured why not test out another one, for just $1?

IMG_20141020_221936070 IMG_20141020_222004389 IMG_20141020_222547845_HDR

Cream Eyeshadow in Teal Party | $2.40

I chose this color simply because it was the only cream eyeshadow available online when I bought these. However, it’s also a gorgeous color. It’s extremely teal with metallic flecks, but as you can see in the third photo it also has a darker ocean blue undertone.

I was surprised that this came with a brush, but in a pleasant way — I don’t have a suitable brush for cream eyeshadows right now, and so this is a great mini brush to add to my collection until I find some better brushes.

Eyeshadow in Natural | $3.00

The day after I bought this online, I regretted going for this color instead of Enchanting. What I really need is a matte medium brown, not yet another shimmer shade. However, this color is awfully pretty. I was worried it would be too similar to a Coastal Scents shade I bought recently, but it’s much lighter in color and has a finer shimmer.

IMG_20141020_221112274 IMG_20141020_221218777

Essential Lipstick Charming | $1.00

In my last haul I bought two of the e.l.f. Studio Line lipsticks, and I am very disappointed in this formula in comparison. It’s too thick and creamy, to the point where it just sits on my lips looking obvious and accentuating every line. It’s also not nearly as nice of a color as I was expected — it’s actually fairly similar to the Black Radiance lipstick I bought recently, which is unfortunate because I didn’t like that color either.

Eye Refresh | $3.00

I’ve been exploring a lot of undereye products recently, and this is just the latest one I’m going to try. My thoughts so far: it feels cool and refreshing when I apply it, but I don’t like the feeling of it on my skin beyond the first few minutes.

And now, time for swatches!


From left to right: eyelid primer in Sheer, Coco Loco, 1 coat of Brownie Points, multiple coats of Brownie Points, 1 coat of Teal Party, multiple coats of Teal Party, Natural, Charming.

As you can see, Brownie Points and Teal Party go on really heavy from the get-go! And they both set so quickly…so you have to be careful applying them.

IMG_20141020_222815068_HDR IMG_20141020_222630984_HDR IMG_20141020_222635800 IMG_20141020_222638631_HDR IMG_20141020_222657322_HDR IMG_20141020_222706611 IMG_20141020_222711641_HDR IMG_20141020_222716215

I then ran a pad dipped in my Makeup-Removing Micellar Water over the swatches… and realized that the smudge pot STICKS.


Next up was my facial cleanser that I use to remove my everyday makeup at night… and the smudge pot still stayed strong.


Finally, I went in with my heavy-duty eye makeup remover that I haven’t used in a few years because it stings my eyes. Ta-da! Smudge pot removed.


I’m now a little intimidated to use the smudge pot on my eyes!


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