September Drugstore Haul Reviews

I went makeup/skincare shopping twice in September, and each time I bought a few items that I’m excited to review today! There are two eyeshadows, a lipstick, a nail polish, a hair product, and a gel cleanser. Now, on with the photos and reviews!




Wet n Wild | Eyeshadow Single in Nutty
Wet n Wild | Eyeshadow Single in Crème Brûlée

IMG_20141021_163011705_HDR  IMG_20140929_093016491_HDR

These eyeshadows are both so pigmented and buttery. Nutty is my new favorite single-color eyeshadow look. It’s a silvery taupe that doesn’t need any supplement. I could really go on and on about this. Crème Brûleé is a pale cream color. It’s actually a little lighter than I’d like — I was looking for something a little closer to my skin tone. But it’s still a very nice shadow. Swatches are below!

IMG_20141021_163054956 IMG_20141021_163116702_HDR IMG_20141021_163156122 IMG_20141021_163224854

Black Radiance | Lipstick in 5115

In the grocery store lighting, this lipstick looked much deeper than it is. I was expecting a dusty rose, and instead got a medium pale pink. The formula is a little thick – with any more than one coat you can definitely see it on my lips. I really don’t think I’ll ever wear this.

Here are the swatches! Left to right, Nutty, Crème Brûlée, and Black Radiance lipstick. The first swatch of each is one swipe, the second is three.

IMG_20141021_163432848_HDR IMG_20141021_163437649_HDR   IMG_20141021_163450692 IMG_20141021_163454173_HDR


NYC | Matte me Crazy Mattifying Top Coat

This polish is so mattifying. It’s actually so mattifying that it’s a little scary to look at my nails after. They just seem so dull. But if the matte look is what you’re going for, this certainly does the job.


John Frieda Frizz Ease | Curl Reviver Mousse

I’ve only used this a few times, and so I’ll put up a more complete review once I’ve used it more comprehensively. So far, here’s how I feel: meh. It reduces frizz, I guess. It smells like a hair product, but not in a bad way. It’s also surprisingly voluminous. Both times I’ve used it, I’ve fizzed too much into my hand and it’s expanded into an enormous heap of hair product. I feel surprisingly neutral about this.

IMG_20141021_163726256_HDR IMG_20141021_163602054_HDR IMG_20141021_163617601_HDR

St. Ives | Green Tea Gel Cleanser

First of all, I love the smell of this. It smells exactly like freshly brewed green tea, which is perfect for both morning and night.

The instructions on this are to wash your face before using it; it’s just meant as a topical acne control, despite the word “cleanser” in its name. It contains sacylic acid and is meant to be applied 1-3 times a day as needed. You rub in into your skin, then rinse it off. It doesn’t foam at all, but it does suds up more than I would like.

I’ve been using it on my forehead and chin area. I have noticed my forehead becoming more oily over the last week, but my chin isn’t and so I’m not sure the oiliness is related to using this. I haven’t had a breakout on my forehead since starting to use this, but I have continued to break out on my chin.


All in all, these were some pretty good drugstore products. Two of these items are even going to appear in my October favorites post!

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