NYX Love In Paris Swatches

I’ve been seeing these in drugstores all over, and have been really tempted to get them. However, most of my temptation stems from the name of the palette itself — I can never refuse Paris. In fact, I even just bought a deodorant simply because it was called “Paris” and had some pretty artwork on it. I’ve also been torn about which one, if any, I should get because I really don’t need all 12 palettes, so I’ve been reading all the blog reviews I can find to see if they’re worthwhile.


Today for the first time I ran across a display with 6 of the palettes open to swatch. Finally! Here are my grocery store swatches with some brief opinions on each of those palettes.

For each palette, I swatched the colors in the following order, from left to right:

NYX Palette - Love in Paris

IMG_20140928_172025018 IMG_20140928_172029523

Parisian Chic

The three bright shimmers in this palette (2, 7, 8) were pretty nice, but the rest of the shades weren’t pigmented at all. This was disappointing because it was the one that I thought had the nicest neutral color combination.


Let Them Eat Cake

I loved the pretty cranberry (2), the central shade (5) was one of my favorite colors, although not pigmented enough, and the matte brown (7) was the best shadow in the whole palette. Other than those three, this palette was pretty meh.

IMG_20140928_172405454 IMG_20140928_172427563_HDR

Merci Beaucoup

The matte reddish brown (4) was a nice shadow. There was also a really pretty rosy tan (6), although it wasn’t smooth to apply. The other shadows weren’t great at all, which was disappointing because the color combination of this palette was intriguing.

IMG_20140928_172655153 IMG_20140928_172659901

Be Our Guest Maurice

This was a really pretty range of purples! It was also much more pigmented than most of the other palettes. Unfortunately, the shadows didn’t apply very smoothly.

IMG_20140928_172844817 IMG_20140928_172848449

Madeleines and Macaroons

Most of the shadows in this palette didn’t even show up on my arm. One shimmery color (3) was very pretty and smooth, but still not pigmented enough.

IMG_20140928_173027654 IMG_20140928_173154556


À La Mode

This was the most pigmented of the palettes. Maybe simply because most of the colors were on the dark side, but pretty much every color except for the black had a nice payoff. Most of the shades also applied smoothly. My favorite colors were 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 8.

It seems as if these palettes are really hit or miss. Each of them has a couple of standout shades, but the majority of the shadows are disappointing. In general, the mid-tone shades are the ones that perform the best. The lighter shades are usually barely visible, and most of the darker shades aren’t pigmented enough. What I did like was that the midtone glitter and matte shades seemed to be equally good (for better or worse) unlike some other palettes I could mention where the formula on one or the other shadow type is awful.

Now if only I could find the other 6 to swatch, maybe I could make up my mind about which one to get…
Do you have any of the NYX Love in Paris palettes? Do you want any of them?


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