Coastal Scents Haul

Ever since I received a quad sample of the Revealed 2 palette in my July Birchbox, I’ve wanted the full thing. However, I knew that Coastal Scents does frequent sales, and so I pledged to wait until the palette was 50% off. That happened this past week, and now the Revealed 2 palette is at my doorstep. It’s not alone, though; I figured since I was paying for shipping anyway, why not try a few more products?





I was impressed by how well-wrapped everything was. I opted for the USPS shipping option, and everything arrived in perfect condition.


Revealed 2 Palette | $9.95

This is the “big ticket item” in my haul. It seems silly that a $10 palette classifies as a big ticket item, but in this case it really does. I am so excited to play around with it, especially since I’ve been hearing nothing but good reviews from other bloggers.

I haven’t taken swatches yet, but here’s another blogger who has:

wpid-wp-1412036205537.jpeg wpid-wp-1412036213950.jpeg

Forever Blush – Poetic | $7.95

I had a LOT of trouble trying to decide between Fresh, Poetic, and Delicate. A lot of the blushes in the Forever collection seem to be much too dark and pigmented for me, but I was attracted by how long they’re supposed to last. These were the three that looked the lightest in swatches (, They’re similar enough and different enough that it was difficult to choose just one!


I was really tempted to get the mineral makeup in Aquatica, which is a stunning bright blue, but I don’t really know how to work with mineral makeup yet and so I decided to play it safe by getting some browns instead.



Mineral Makeup – Cobblestone | $4.95

Mineral Makeup – Nightingale | $4.95

I have very few brushes, and so I figured I’d take this opportunity to expand my collection with some new types of brushes. I’ve been thinking that I need more eyeshadow brushes, and Coastal Scents’ are cheap and seem to be of decent quality.


Classic Shade and Fluff Medium Natural | $2.49

Classic Shadow Dome Natural | $2.95

Classic Shadow Small Natural | $1.95

Classic Blender Pointed Natural | $2.95

Classic Foundation Large Synthetic | $5.95

I also received a sample quad of the original Revealed palette.


I paid $7.17 for shipping via normal USPS mail, and also used a discount code for 25% off everything, so my order ended up being $42.72. For just the palette, shipping would have been $4.05. Getting packages is always a little exhilarating, but especially when they contain things I’m so excited to try! Expect reviews once I have had some time to play around with my new products.


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