The Body Shop Colour Crush Eye Shadows Review


I bought several Colour Crush eye shadows from the Body Shop in three different hauls this summer, and I’ve been using them fairly frequently over the past few months. I currently own 5 different colors, and I’ve definitely found some favorites among them.

wpid-wp-1411856845579.jpeg wpid-wp-1411859067475.jpeg

First up, Bronze Bliss. This is the first Body Shop eye shadow I bought, and it’s still my favorite. It’s a bright bronze shimmer in the pan, and it produces the exact same color on my eyelids.


Next is Melt My Heart. This is a very pretty medium coppery shimmer. The true color doesn’t come across very well in this photo; it looks much more accurate in the swatches at the end. It and Bronze Bliss are both very pigmented, and look beautiful by themselves.

wpid-wp-1411859086780.jpeg wpid-wp-1411859091623.jpeg

The third shade that I own, and my last in the “golden shimmer” family, is a pale shimmery gold named Champagne Kiss. I don’t like this shade that much and I’m considering returning it next time I’m in a Body Shop. While it’s a nice color and applies smoothly with a lot of color, I just don’t like the way the color looks on my eyelids.


Sand by Me is a light rosy matte shade. It’s almost exactly the color of my eyelids, and so I wore this to work quite a bit this summer. I will say that it doesn’t swatch very well. While it does come off easily on my finger, it doesn’t transfer well from my finger to my skin. I have to use a brush to get color on my eyelids, and the payoff still isn’t great. However, I’m keeping it because it’s useful to have an eye shadow that’s the color of my skin.

wpid-wp-1411859111535.jpeg wpid-wp-1411859116823.jpeg

Sweet Pea is the most unusual color in this line that I own, and also probably my second favorite purely for its unusualness. It’s a pale plant green with a faint gold shimmer.

wpid-wp-1411859125604.jpeg wpid-wp-1411859129727.jpeg


From left to right: Bronze Bliss, Melt My Heart, Champagne Kiss, Sand By Me, Sweet Pea.


I also have a review for a 6th eye shadow, which I returned to the store since it didn’t suit me. Smokin’ Hot is a shimmery gunmetal gray, which I thought I could wear as an all-over lid shade, but ended up looking awful on me because it’s so pigmented. In retrospect, I should have used it as a crease shade instead, but this summer I didn’t wear more than one eye shadow color at a time and so I really just never gave it a proper chance. It is a really pretty medium gray, though!

IMG_20140713_231017308 IMG_20140713_231031041 IMG_20140727_134450491

In general, The Body Shop eye shadows apply smoothly and have great color payoff. There are definitely some exceptions, most of them matte. Some of the mattes are so beautiful in the pan, and I’m sad that they’re so sheer on the skin. But all of the shimmer shades are absolutely beautiful, and I’ve definitely got a wishlist of other Body Shop Colour Crush eye shadows that I want. Top of the list right now are Brownie & Clyde, Grape Expectations, and Mon Cherry. I’ve also been tempted by Coconuts About You, despite not being impressed by how it swatched in the store.

Which shade of this eye shadow would you like to get?

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