The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream Review

I’ve never owned a BB cream before, and this seemed like a decent one to start out with, although expensive. I’d tried a little of it on my face in the store to determine whether I was shade 00 or 01 (either one of them would actually have worked for me, I think), and I’d liked it enough to give it a shot.


I liked the packaging. The metallic silver attracted fingerprints, but I didn’t mind, and it looks pretty sleek. The negative side to the packaging is that it is easy to apply too much — you don’t have as much control over how much comes out as I would like.


The BB cream emerges as a white almost-liquid. How it works is pretty cool — the brownish specks that you can see in the pictures below are capsules of pigment, and when you rub it in they burst to give the BB cream its color. It’s supposed to tone-match to your skin color, although I’m not sure how much I believe that. The end result color did suit my skin, though.

IMG_20140726_165828206_HDR IMG_20140726_165858840

As I mentioned earlier, it is pretty easy to squeeze too much out, which is exactly what happened here. As you rub it in, it starts to blend into your skin.


However, this is the stage where I stop liking the BB cream, despite how cool the theory behind it is. It feels oily. Very oily. Whether I applied it to my hand or my face, just a little or accidentally too much, it made my normal skin feel like I suppose oily skin does. It was very light, not at all greasy, which I liked, but I couldn’t get past the oiliness.

I was only able to wear the BB cream all over my face for one day because of my dislike of the way it felt. Not only did it feel oily, it also made my forehead and nose shiny.

IMG_20140726_170023254_HDR IMG_20140726_170028416_HDR IMG_20140726_170034097_HDR IMG_20140726_170058508_HDR

In these photos, especially the last two, it looks like it provides a glowy look. I did try to use it as a cheekbone highlighter to add that “glow”, but I couldn’t get past the oily feeling on even a small portion of my face.

Luckily for me, The Body Shop has an excellent return policy. I’d bought a tube of the BB cream in store for $20, and then another one in an online sale for $12 before I’d actually tried the BB cream out, and TBS let me return both of them, no questions asked.

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