June 2014 Birchbox Review

I was almost as satisfied with this box as I was my first. There were several products that I was very glad to be introduced to!


This month’s theme was “Away We Go”: I like the idea of this theme, but since everything in Birchbox is sample-sized anyway, I feel like it wasn’t as well applied as last month’s. In a travel-themed box I’d have expected some multi-tasking products, maybe something intended for use after a long flight/drive or even products with ties to a specific location, but my box at least didn’t contain anything of the sort.

IMG_20140614_234803273 IMG_20140614_234849789

LAQA & Co. | Sheer Lip Lube Pencil in Menatour

I was definitely skeptical when I saw this in my box because I don’t ever wear unusual lip colors, preferring a more natural-looking lip, and Menatour is a very purple shade. However, when I tried it, I was surprised by how subtle the color was — it really is sheer, and it tints your lips just enough to be noticeable. The color glides on easily, and the texture feels great. It’s the perfect summery product for someone too nervous to go all-out in bright lip colors (i.e. me).


Joie | Folle de Joie Eau de Parfum

I still can’t figure out how I feel about this. I want to like it; it’s getting rave reviews on Birchbox.com, and it’s definitely a very nice scent that I like a lot. I’m just not sure it’s “me”. It reminds me a little bit of honeysuckle, yet it manages to not be so sweet as to be sickly. But it doesn’t seem to last very long on my skin, making me unsure that it’s worth the high price point. I wish this was offered in smaller bottles…maybe then I could justify buying a little bit, especially since a single bottle of perfume lasts me such a long time.


Vasanti Cosmetics | BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator

I loved this exfoliator! The microbeads in it feel so great on my skin. I have pretty sensitive skin, and they’re not irritating at all. The sample size was also pretty great – I’ve gotten about 7 uses out of it so far, and it feels like it still has several more left.


Davines | Love Smoothing Shampoo

I don’t spend much money on hair care, especially shampoo (although with my frizzy hair, I probably should), and so it was definitely an effort for me to remember to use this and the associated conditioner and milk.

At first I liked the smell of this, but after a couple of uses I started thinking that it had a bit of a chemical smell and I still do. I didn’t like the texture, either – it was pretty thin, and felt like it disappeared into my thick hair. I couldn’t tell if the shampoo actually did anything for my hair, either.

IMG_20140614_235026001 IMG_20140709_192727298_HDR

Davines | Love Smoothing Conditioner

I liked the texture of this conditioner; it was thick and creamy. It also smelled much better than the shampoo. However, the sample size was too small to tell if it worked (just 2 uses for my thick hair), which was surprising after seeing the enormous sample of shampoo.

Davines | Love Ol All in One Milk

I quite liked this hair milk! The texture was thin and was easy to apply to my hair. It seemed to help reduce frizz. It also smelled great. This sample also only contained enough for 2 uses, but I think that when my Argan oil runs out I might replace it with this.

I received a second Supergoop! sunscreen sample in this month’s box. I did really like the Supergoop! sunscreen, but I’d have preferred a new product, especially since this is only my second box. I wrote an e-mail to Birchbox customer service about it, and after two e-mails back-and-forth (the representative said that I should have received the Supergoop! serum in my May box, and I sent her a photo of my two sunscreen samples), I was awarded 100 Birchbox points as an apology and they’re sending me a sample of the serum. I was really impressed! I’m already making a wishlist of things to buy with the points I’m quickly accumulating from filling out product reviews on the Birchbox website.


Verdict: Out of the 6 new products this month, I loved 2, liked 2, and could have done without 2. But there wasn’t anything in my box that I disliked. So, another successful month for Birchbox!


If you’re planning on purchasing a Birchbox subscription, please consider using my referral link: https://www.birchbox.com/invite/justabirchbox

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