The Body Shop Haul (June)

I’m a Love Your Body member (pay $10 to get 10% off every purchase you make for a year), and so I’ve been receiving lots of e-mails from The Body Shop about various promotions. This included advertisements for their new Body Sorbets, exclusive to Love Your Body members, and I decided that I had to go to a store and test them out.


Body Sorbet – Satsuma | $14

This was the one product I was sure about wanting to get. I’d read a couple of good reviews, it seemed interesting, and I needed some body lotion to get me through the rest of the summer because the several sample size lotions I’d brought with me are starting to run out.

This sorbet comes in 5 “flavors.” I have Satsuma body polish and body butter at home, and while I love the cheery, bright smell of the body polish, the body butter is way too strong-smelling for me to use regularly. Because of this, I was expecting to get the Moringa sorbet. However, when I smelled it in the shop, I thought the Moringa was a little too sickly sweet of a floral, and I was surprised to find that the Satsuma sorbet was much more reminiscent of the body polish than the butter (the other three flavors smell great, they’re just not my style).

IMG_20140628_245806548 IMG_20140628_245831678 IMG_20140628_245903137

The texture of the sorbet is really interesting; it’s like a smooth gel that turns into little gel balls when you start to rub it in, and finally absorbs after enough smoothing. You can feel it on your skin for a little bit, but the feeling quickly disappears. The smell lingers for a while, though. It’s pretty perfect for summer – the gel is definitely cooling, even when it’s kept at room temperature. I might try refrigerating it and seeing how that works when it gets hotter outside.

IMG_20140628_114124503 IMG_20140628_114229040 IMG_20140628_114236783

Baked Eye Color – Starlight | $13

I bought this eyeshadow because I own a very subtle silvery shadow from Estee Lauder that I use a lot and so I thought I might like this much brighter shade. However, this eyeshadow does not apply with a brush, or at least, not the kind I have. The “baked” eyeshadow is so hard that the brush hardly picks up any color from it. I then used my finger to apply it, which gave a much better color, but it was still extremely sheer and I didn’t like the way it looked. I was hoping for a bright, all-over color, and instead it looked like I’d sprinkled silver glitter over my eyelids. I thought it was also very dry — it actually felt dry on my eyelids. I’m planning on returning this to the store, if they’ll let me.

IMG_20140628_114420285 IMG_20140628_114308977

Colour Crush Eye Shadow – Bronze Bliss | $10

I’m loving this shadow! I’ve been wanting to get a single or a duo in a similar color, and I love this particular shade. It’s smooth as butter and applies easily with a brush or finger, in contrast to the Baked Eye Color (Bronze Bliss is on the far left in the swatch). There were several golden/bronze shades in this line, and I had so much trouble picking just one! I think this means that I’ll have to buy some more soon.

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